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Bill Walton with Coach Wooden

“I thank John Wooden every day for all his selfless gifts, his lessons, his time, his vision and especially his patience.

This is why we call him coach.”


Bill Walton

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  • On 7/02/2020

    Raina Jain from Riverside shared

    I've read your book "A Lifetime of Principles On and Off the Court," and I apply your principles to my life everyday. Thank you for being an inspiration to so many children just like me.

  • On 11/25/2019

    Eli Black from Salt Lake City, UT shared

    Just barely learning about the pyramid of success. Let me say, that he was a very interesting and amazing person. I am excited to learn as much as I can.

  • On 11/21/2019

    Larry Wilder from Portland shared

    What a distinctive honor to share my memories of Coach Wooden. His teams were purgatory to play against--balanced, quick, cohesive and confident. Coach was especially kind to us coaches with our myriad questions. Each time I met him, his radiance of good, of eternal truths and of willingness to help all shone through. John Wooden is one of America's finest citizens ever. Thank you for this singular opportunity. Larry Wilder

  • On 9/24/2019

    Joseph from Claremont, CA shared

    I was lucky to see Coach Wooden in his normal morning routine at VIPs restaurant in Tarzana, CA eating breakfast. He was reading the Los Angeles Daily news. My feet turned to concrete when I realized who I was looking at. I did the right thing.......I left him alone. I will always have that image of seeing a great man who looked so humble.

  • On 8/27/2019

    Kevin Windle from Tennessee shared

    Coach Wooden's lessons are timeless, priceless, and selfless. His wisdom about life, love, and learning are more valuable than gold. I never met him personally; however, I feel like I have when I read his books. His words have helped me grow as a coach, man, father, and friend. One of my most treasured pieces of coaching memorabilia is an personalized autographed picture of Coach Wooden given to me from a dear friend, Coach Shane Wells. Thanks for being true to yourself, Coach! Best wishes to all.

  • On 2/16/2019

    Roark Jones from Elkhart shared

    Moving to South Bend, IN during the mid 1960's (from Hyattsville, MD as a matter of fact - Morgan Wooten), my dad was a coach and I had learned a great deal about Coach Wooden as a child. I was was also physically present at both the ND defeat of UCLA (w/Sidney Wicks), and then the famous defeat of UCLA (w/Bill Walton). I always remember Coach Wooden's calm demeanor on the bench, and especially his rolled up program that he always seemed to have. Is it true that he kept this rolled up program so he could always see his wife, and only his wife thru that view, thru his rolled up program during games? - Thanks

  • On 4/01/2018

    Larry from Santa Clara, CA shared

    I came to know coach Wooden from Wikipedia. He is such an extraordinary man. I like his definition of success.

  • On 3/30/2018

    Jonathan from Encino, CA shared

    I think of Coach Wooden daily. His definition of success stands tall. Perfect effort that produces the best outcomes for others while maximizing your talents may lead to wins, or may lead to losses. It is the process, however, that shapes and defines character that matters. There will be difficult times, and there will be prosperous moments, but how one responds along the way shapes our response. Living for others, but not forgetting yourself, and truly understanding what’s important, is success. Thank you, Coach Wooden, for being so much more than s basketball coach. Thank you for being a friend to a man that I think the world of.

  • On 7/24/2017

    Lorraine Mhlanga from Fort Mcmurray, Alberta shared

    Your wisdom and guidance lives forever, thank you Coach Wooden.

  • On 2/13/2017

    Mike Delaney from Sherman shared

    My regret is that I did not find Coach Wooden's book, They Call Me Coach, until I had been coaching Little League baseball for a few years. His guiding principles should be part of every teacher, coach and student lessons regardless if they are involved with sports. 1. Be true to yourself. 2. Help others. 3. Make each day your masterpiece. 4. Drink deeply from good books, especially the Bible. 5. Make friendship a fine art. 6. Build a shelter against a rainy day. 7. Pray for guidance and count and give thanks for your blessings every day.

  • On 1/05/2017

    Robot Jones from Atlantis, Georgia shared

    I remember when I first met Coach in 85' at a Football game. We had a talk about his achievements a I've never heard a more intriguing life story. We talked throughout the whole game and at the end, I really told him how surprised that single man can do all of that. The only thing is, I'm making this up and no one cares about this old bag of potatoes. Thanks, miss you Coach.

  • On 12/11/2016

    Sasha Berson from Chicago shared

    I recently came across Coach Wooden's books. He taught me some fundamental wisdom that was either missing or was not well-defined within me. I am grateful and, as prescribed by The Coach, will pass on the knowledge to the others.

  • On 2/14/2016

    Bobby from Martinsville Indiana shared

    Coach Wooden was an outstanding example of true leadership. His books on leadership inspire me to be the best that I can be and to help others do the same. ~The town of Martinsville is very proud of John Wooden.

  • On 11/05/2015

    Jack Spencer from Paris TN shared

    When I was a young child during the 1960s, there was only one thing I wanted to do, go to UCLA, and play ball for Coach Wooden. That did not happen, but years later, I still learn from him everyday. It would be impossible for any breathing person, to take his principles to heart, and not at least have a chance at success.

  • On 8/27/2015

    Heather Pierce from San Jose, CA shared

    Dear Coach, We just did an exercise in my office where we were asked to name 5 people who have made us the people/leaders we are today, and you were one of my 5 (along with my parents, my former high school English teacher, and one of my work mentors). When I was in 4th grade, I read Kareem's autobiography, "Giant Steps." He wrote to eloquently about your impact on him at UCLA and beyond, that I then read everything I could find about you, including the book "They Call Me Coach," which I still have today. It formed a foundation for me, early in life, of what success means and how it is something built and earned over time. Thank you for being a true servant leader and living by example. Best wishes, Heather

  • On 8/13/2015

    shirell from Indianapolis/Indiana shared

    Hello im a big fan of yours and in my future im going to write a book about you. :)

  • On 12/22/2014

    Tazmeen from Irvine,Ca shared

    I remember when I would walk into my 5th grade class, I would always look at the back door, reading it everyday. It was covered with John Wooden quotes. I would be bored during class, but he would always be there on that door. And I would read them constantly until I lost my mind l0oking at them all the time. Later in 7th grade, in ASB, our student council class, we watched a video on TED Talks about John Wooden and were expected to know the pyramid of success. It brings tears to my eyes that God created such a wonderful man and let the world know about him.

  • On 8/25/2014

    Todd Smith from Milwaukee, WI shared

    Nobody better Coach, glad you aren't here today to see what a joke college athletics has become.

  • On 4/05/2014

    Hugh Beaumont from Chicago, IL shared

    My son just did a book report on you for school, brought back a lot of memories of the UCLA Championship teams.

  • On 3/17/2014

    Jenny Thomas from San Diego, CA shared

    Coach - using your Pyramid of Success in our college biz class. Wish you were still around to pass on more wisdom!

  • On 12/09/2013

    Dana Haynes from South Haven, MI shared

    Coach just read "Wooden on Leadership" - great reference for my new business. Thanks Coach!

  • On 10/14/2013

    Jim Snyder from Charleston, SC shared

    Happy Birthday Coach!

  • On 5/09/2013

    Nicole Bush from Fairfield, IA shared

    I'm 13 years old and I have learned a lot from Coach Wooden. But not only in basketball but in life. I am in love with the game but he taught me there's much more than just basketball. My family, faith and charactor. He has taught me so much. I love his Quotes and way of life. I just want to say a special thanks to him. I just wish i would of met him!

  • On 2/22/2013

    Shanan Nair from Brunei shared

    I didn't know about Coach John Wooden prior to reading this book, 'The Power of Mentoring' on the cover attracted me to this book as looked for guidance and inspiration to take myself to the next level. I enjoyed the read immensely and am grateful that this was written and would use this book to guide my self, my family and my team to achieve excellence in our daily lives. Thank You COACH WOODEN. GOD BLESS.

  • On 5/21/2012

    Wade Fraze from Portales, NM shared

    Fall of 2004 I obtained Coach Wooden's phone number through his co-author but was made aware that Coach screened his calls. I could leave a message (I had a question on certain basketball technique) In the middle of leaving the message I hear someone pick up and say "hello". I was actually talking to Coach John Wooden! He took time out of his day to visit with me for an hour and a half about basketball, faith in Christ, and family. Because of our shared faith in Jesus we will meet someday.

  • On 4/30/2012

    Tracey Cartagena from Milwaukee, WI shared

    I never had the chance to ever meet you Coach, but watching your games I have grown to love, respect and utilize your ways of encouragement turned into strength, progress and helped me learn to be the Best Me I have learned to be. I am still learning from your chart and will use it in all aspects of my life to become the best Mother, Wife and Woman my journey in this life. Thank you.

  • On 4/24/2012

    Jason Craig from Sammamish, WA shared

    I'm grateful for the wisdom and guidance you have provided which have allowed me to teach and coach elementary age boys and girls basketball. It is one of the great joys of my life to work with these young people and watch them develop as both players and more importantly as people. Our work here on earth continues to influence us even though you are now with our Heavenly Father.

  • On 3/29/2012

    Shelley Benoit from Alamogordo, NM shared

    Thank you Coach for helping me each day to become better. I read your wisdom and share it with others hoping to teach and inspire like you did and continue to do. You are loved and missed.

  • On 3/22/2012

    Nicholas Koinange from Baltimore, MD shared

    Thank you coach for all your kinds words of wisdom and inspiration.You are missed by many people who love you dearly and those you touched their heart..God Bless you always.

  • On 3/14/2012

    Monte Phillips from Brush Prairie, WA shared

    I have read "They call me coach" and "Leadership" by John Wooden, my hero. Thank you so much for providing me the principals to not only succeed in business but in life- as a husband and father. You are not only the greatest coach of any sport in the history of athletics but also a first class human being. If I could have lunch with anyone in the world it would list like this- Abraham Lincoln, John Wooden and my Grandfather.

  • On 3/06/2012

    Howard Chapman from Pleasantville, NY shared

    Often imitated never duplicated. My how the game needs you now. RIP Coach Wooden. Whatever I know about the game I learned from watching your dynasty while I was growing up.

  • On 3/05/2012

    Mark Borthwick from Wellington, New Zealand shared

    Your philosophies and teachings have had a huge influence on my life and assisted me to become the coach I am today. I could not have aspired to these heights had I not recognized a kindred spirit who saw strong values and hard work as the basis for all achievement both on the side line and on the field. "Through work to the stars." - thank you John Wooden.

  • On 3/04/2012

    Betty Novotney from Seneca, IL shared

    Coach Wooden's words live on in his revised Pyramid of Success. My students grades 3-6 learn it through games, relays and applications in class. My hope is that his words live on throughout their lives outside of class. He was a true role model for all of us to follow. Thank you, Coach.

  • On 3/01/2012

    Gary Humbard from Lincoln City, OR shared

    I remember watching UCLA basketball teams virtually dominate college basketball teams for years. They did not always have the best talent, but they still won NCAA Championships. I watched Coach Wooden sit on the sideline with his program in his hand, like a professor who had prepared his class. I have used the pyramid of success coaching youth basketball, but most important I use it for my life. I live everday by Coach Wooden's message of "make everday your masterpiece" .

  • On 2/26/2012

    Jim Stark from Los Angeles, CA shared

    I grew up in a time when basketball was all about "me" and was in a fight at a young age on the court. Then I was introduced to the "Wooden Way" and found out that it takes ten hands to win a game. Thank you coach Wooden, your ways taught me not only how to win on the court, but in all ways of life.

  • On 2/24/2012

    Nate Miller from Rochester, NY shared

    John wooden was a great man, an impressive coach, but an even better teacher. It is not only basketball players who can learn from him, but everyone in the world. Thank you Coach Wooden for the lessons you have brought to me.

  • On 2/20/2012

    Hubert Bastin from Franklin, TN shared

    Thank you John Wooden for being such an inspiration throughout my coaching life. You taught me patience and how to be a great coach! Rest in peace. Your friend Hubert Bastin.

  • On 2/09/2012

    Arthur from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Coach spoke to a group of us prior to my graduating from UCLA. The message he gave us, along with how he incorporated his Pyramid of Success was profound. Now I'm a teacher and I try to use the message he gave us, along with the poster of the pyramid posted in the room. Amazing how students accept the message and many utilize it. Thank you Coach...Be with God.

  • On 2/08/2012

    Chris Steffens from Woodstock, IL shared

    My Great Grandfather Elijah Kivett told my brother and I stories of a young John Wooden when he attended high school in Martinsville, Indiana during the 1920s. Kivett then went on to Harvard University on scholarship during the Great Depression, while Coach Wooden paved his own way to success during these difficult times. Although they were not especially close, as Wooden was a couple of years older, the ideals and values I have learned from each of these great men have mirrored each other.

  • On 2/03/2012

    Mike Spillman from Clinton, KY shared

    Coach your words and lessons about life are timeless . Thank you!!!

  • On 2/01/2012

    Juli Bennet from Malvern, PA shared

    In these times it gets harder and harder to teach our children the true value and meaning of life. John Wooden helped light the way for me and I can't thank him enough for the difference he made in my life and the ripple effect it is having on my children's life. Words of wisdom that every person from every walk of life could learn from. Thank you for showing the world what character really looks like..

  • On 2/01/2012

    Ernesto from Paso Robles, CA shared

    I'm currently working in a strong Leader project, and i have decided the do this about Mr. Wooden. Not only in his memory, but in worship to him. I'm using his book, "They Call Me Coach." It's a very interesting piece by him; I strongly recommend it.

  • On 1/22/2012

    Neil Riddle from Issaquah, WA shared

    I am new to the Christian way of life and when a friend of mine told me to read Coach Wooden's books they truly changed my life and how I live. I still struggle every day but I just have to read a passage or two from his books and it helps me make sense of this life and our journey in it. I am also a coach and strive everyday to pass his knowledge and wisdom on to the children I coach by example and communication. What an amazing example of a man. God Bless

  • On 1/20/2012

    Wim from Leuven (Belgium) shared

    Coach John Wooden not only taught me how to be happy, how to have peace of mind, he also taught me that no matter what, no matter how bad the practice went, no matter how hard I had worked and didn't get recognition, no matter what; Be happy and be good as a person. Coach you deserve the greatest respect of all,

  • On 1/20/2012

    Coach Patch from North Attleboro, MA shared

    God Bless Coach Wooden and his Family. I keep spreading his simple messages to everyone I know.

  • On 1/06/2012

    Clint Johnston from Westminster, CO shared

    I would like to send my respects to Coach Wooden and his followers and family. In an age where so many have lost their focus on the value of sports, I hope Coach Wooden knows the differences he has made in those who respected him and what he stood for. God Bless!

  • On 1/04/2012

    Valerie Paredes from San Antonio, TX shared

    My boyfriend Roy Hernandez introduced me to your knowledge and wisdom in which he received from his baseball coach and well it turned my life around and we try to raise our kids by it and set the example for them and show them how good values and morals in a person can take them a long way in life. Thank You So Very Much for all your wisdom and knowledge you've brought to our family we are very blessed.

  • On 1/03/2012

    Scott Foster from Richardson, TX shared

    God bless Coach John Wooden - one of America\'s greatest teachers.

  • On 1/03/2012

    Cliff Stand from Newport Beach, CA shared

    Thank you coach, for the privilege of allowing me into your home and visiting with me on those special occasions. I grew up attending UCLA games with my Dad, was at the LA Athletic Club for the first of the Wooden Awards, little did I know then that later in life I would be mentored by you during difficult times. Those times are priceless to me.

  • On 12/30/2011

    Ron Crawford from Little Rock shared

    John Wooden's Faith was personal, but he shared as Jesus would have us do. His wisdom was so special in molding young lives. I had the blessing of meeting Coach Wooden in 1983 at the McDonalds game, humble Giant of the Youth Building World.

  • On 12/25/2011

    Kevin Kitchen from Atlanta, GA shared

    Merry Christmas Coach! You are missed by many people who love you dearly.

  • On 12/23/2011

    Dave Duff from Waterford, MI shared

    Coach Wooden, I have read all your books, and I aspire to be you someday.

  • On 12/12/2011

    Elijah Conrey from Urbandale, IA shared

    My high school class and I are studying your pyramid of success to become better people. I'm almost 100% positive the coaches at my school follow it as well. You have taught so many in your ways.

  • On 12/11/2011

    Ryan Benroth from Noblesville, IN shared

    Coach, Thank you for sharing your teachings with us. You lived an inspirational life that touched many people in a positive way. You are greatly missed. God Bless

  • On 12/07/2011

    Colin Gowan from Horseshoe Bend, ID shared

    Your success on the basketball court is an inspiration for others to do likewise, but it is your integrity and character that defines your legacy. You are a great person to model one's life after. To live and love as you have. See you some day.

  • On 12/04/2011

    Michael Amster from Santa Cruz, CA shared

    My dad once told me that a man knows his life was worth meaning if he knows that his life made the world a better place. Its men like Coach John Wooden that made such unique contributions that I could not possibly imagine the world without his teachings. Not only did Coach Wooden improve his players as human beings, but in addition he improved everyone else who learned his story.

  • On 12/02/2011

    Jordan from Redwood City, CA shared

    I love Coach Wooden with all my heart. He was the best coach in the history of basketball.:(

  • On 11/30/2011

    Bryce Perez from Moses Lake, WA shared

    Coach, I am reading your book "They Call Me Coach" and I have only read up to the end of chapter one and I don't think that any book has affected the way I think or react in any situation as much as this book. You do such a great job of showing how to be a leader and example to yourself, your players, and everybody around you. I love listening to you talk about your players like Fred Slaughter and Jack Hirsch. You take talented players and teach them life values to make them unstoppable!

  • On 11/24/2011

    Mebeti Dosso from Abidjan, Ivory Coast shared

    I would like to thank you for your principles have been guiding me for years and thanks to them i am another person. They have positively affected me and as a matter of fact,my soul is shining,i am a better person, a better businessman. God bless you Coach!

  • On 11/22/2011

    Joe Witten from Floyd's Knobs, IN shared

    Coach, your message is practiced with my high school alma mater, Floyd Central. As I have passed down your knowledge and experience to high school young ladies as they play softball. I had learned from my great mentors and coaches in my playing career the principles that you taught. My coaches were practicing your methods as I played and I never knew it. Thank you for your blessings.

  • On 11/15/2011

    Andrew Davis from Raleigh, NC shared

    I have had the same coach for basketball since I was in the first grade. He has taught me everything I need to know about basketball, religion, and living life to the fullest. As of last March he was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer and lymphoma. He was given a period of 6 months to live. He turned to God for help, but he kept one special person in his heart. John Wooden has always inspired him to live and stay strong. I am proud to say Coach Wooden's wisdom saved my beloved coach..

  • On 11/11/2011

    Jeremy Rock from Forth Worth, TX shared

    Coach Wooden, your wisdom has touched many people including me. Your books are so inspirational. I have read many of your books and I wish I could have met you in person. Even though I never really met you, you have still touched me with your fruitful wisdom. Thank you for all you have done.

  • On 11/09/2011

    Steve Edmondson from Murfreesboro, TN shared

    I briefly met Coach Wooden at a basketball clinic in Birmingham, AL and it was a thrill. Later for my 40th birthday my brother sent a Sports Illustrated magazine with Coach Wooden on the cover as sportsman of the year to Coach for him to autograph for me and he not only autographed the magazine, but sent back several other things to go with it. Just a wonderful man.

  • On 11/06/2011

    Sammie Williams from Manistique, MI shared

    Dear Coach Wooden, reading your books taught me so many thing with basketball and with life. My life has changed so much because of you and I wanted to thank you. Thank You Coach!.

  • On 11/04/2011

    Bob Gardner from Mission Viejo, CA shared

    The most generous man with his time and friendship. When you were with the Coach, even with the knowledge you were in the presence of greatness, he had the uncanny ability to set you at ease and make you feel like you were the most important person to him at that time. A true model for how to try to live our lives, I still think of him just about every day.

  • On 11/02/2011

    Kennedy from Indianapolis, IN shared

    RIP Coach - we will miss you.

  • On 10/25/2011

    Mike Moore from San Diego, CA shared

    In 1996 I called the UCLA sport information department and explained that I was a motivational speaker and wanted to speak to Coach Wooden. They gave me a phone number, which I called. I left a message, thinking I wouldn't hear back. 2 days is all it took for John Wooden to call me and invite me to his home to speak to him. It turned into two long visits where he shared openly, honestly and lovingly...He truly lived what he taught and helped people freely without expectation. I miss him daily!

  • On 10/14/2011

    Eric Deutsch from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Happy Birthday Coach. We miss you and use your brilliant words and teachings every day. I will make today "my masterpiece" in your honor - The Deutsch Family

  • On 10/06/2011

    Teana from Inpls, IN shared

    You will be missed, and you have inspired a lot of people.

  • On 10/05/2011

    Richard Torres from Fountain Valley, CA shared

    John Wooden is the kind of human we all should strive to be!

  • On 10/01/2011

    Muhammad Brahimi from Algiers, Algeria shared

    I am an Algerian basketball coach and coaches\' instructor. I use Coach Wooden's quotations every training session and every practice. All my players know him, all the coaches I teach know him ! He is a great coach and a great teacher ! He lived a great life ! He is an example for all coaches all around the world !

  • On 9/22/2011

    Donnie Downs from Huntington, MD shared

    Dear Coach Wooden, The fruit of your wisdom is seen today, not only with real examples in athletic and team excellence but more importantly in life long relationships. I had the honor of speaking with Bill Walton recently...a highlight of my career was listening to Bill speak of his times with you and your lasting impact on his life. Sir, you indeed lived a masterpiece. You are in Glory now! R.I.P.

  • On 9/15/2011

    James Priddy from Reno, NV shared

    You were the best coach ever!!!!! You lived a great life. You inspired me to play basketball.

  • On 9/15/2011

    Grant Nance from Chicago, IL shared

    He was a good coach and he lived a long good life. He is a good man.

  • On 9/06/2011

    Megan from De Soto, Kansas shared

    I am in communications right now, and I was told to write a speech on an interesting topic and I chose John Wooden. BEST MAN EVER!

  • On 9/01/2011

    Vezenkov from Vancouver shared

    Thank you for the priceless wisdom coach Wooden. Now I have more force to follow my dreams and I think that I am better prepared mentally to attain them. May your soul rest in peace, we will try to carry the torch from you.

  • On 8/21/2011

    Ahin from Thousand Oaks, CA shared

    John Wooden is an inspiration to all. He is the best of the best. Selfless and yet inspirational. He is a true gentleman... someone who I don't know and yet feel as a Father.

  • On 8/11/2011

    Miles Lester from Kansas shared

    I'm 13 years old and I started reading John Wooden's books at age 9. I've read all of them and he has really made a great impact on my life.

  • On 8/09/2011

    John Routh from Muncie, IN shared

    My mother attended Muncie Central High School and graduated in 1928. She was one of the many Central students who watched Martinsville play the Bearcats in 1927 and 1928. She had nothing but positive comments about John Wooden. Of course, the Bearcats won!

  • On 8/04/2011

    Don Spore from Waverly, IA shared

    I am a 65 year old baseball coach. I have taken advantage of Coach Wooden's philosophies and quotes for many years. I only wish I had the opportunity to have met him and thanked him for all he did for young people. Here is a tip of my baseball cap to you.

  • On 7/23/2011

    David Bair from Sao Paulo, Brazil shared

    I am a teacher/basketball coach at an American/International school in Sao Paulo, Brazil. I begin each season and class with Coach Wooden's definition of success. His focus on dedication to a worthy cause, hard work and devotion to the group is what I want my students and players to remember from my work with them. I will forever be grateful for Coach Wooden's influence on my life.

  • On 7/19/2011

    Brent from St. George, UT shared

    I do all I can to follow his coaching tactics with the kids I coach. I consider him one of the great teachers of all time- and wish with all my heart more coaches and fathers would follow him

  • On 7/09/2011

    SavAnnah from Manchester, TN shared

    My favorite quote by him was "Be true to yourself. Be true to those you lead." One of my favorite coaches!!

  • On 7/06/2011

    John P Corsi from Cleveland, OH shared

    Coach Wooden was surely one-of-a-kind! His gentleness and willingness to help anyone will be greatly missed. I was fortunate enough to have met with him several times and cherish each one. I just hope that my 2 sons learn something from him as they both grew up hearing very much about him. I know he is enjoying his time with Nell now!

  • On 7/05/2011

    Coach Rick from Southwick, MA shared

    Your true legacy is not in the many records you and your teams achieved but in your appraoch and the affect you had on their lives and ours. I currently use the Pyramid to teach youths on the proper life approach to sports and life, could not have done this without you.

  • On 6/22/2011

    Ramesh Jainani from Cagayan De Oro, Philippines shared

    It is an honor to write a word of thanks for all you have done in your life time for the sports and players and men who are now great in the things they do. God bless you up there and blessings to all your family.

  • On 6/21/2011

    Martha from Las Vegas, NV shared

    Coach John Wooden was just amazing even now that hes gone we still learn about him and listen to his advice.

  • On 6/21/2011

    Mary from Denver, CO shared

    You've inspired me so much. in my class every single day we do a quote of yours my favorite one was "The best thing you could do for your children is to love their mother." Thank you so much you have inspired a lot of people and kids. You are a big help.

  • On 6/21/2011

    Frank Ontiveros from El Paso, TX shared

    Truly the best coach and teacher of all time. Reminds me a lot of Coach Don Haskins. Thank you for all you did!

  • On 6/21/2011

    Bob Cole from Talking Rock, GA shared

    Coach John Wooden gave inspiration to millions of young people throughout his wonderful life. I've read almost all the books written about him and especially THEY CALL ME COACH and I can truly say he was the greatest sports coach of all time and a very great man.

  • On 6/17/2011

    Jay Emma from Chappaqua, NY shared

    I thank God for Coach Wooden's example and legacy. The more I learn about his life and his impact on many people's lives, I'm inspired to reach for higher ground - morally. And every time I reach for higher ground, others reap rewards as well - That's the John Wooden way.

  • On 6/15/2011

    Reed Siegling from South St. Paul, MN shared

    Coach Wooden's Pyramid for Success is going to be hanging on the wall of our public elementary school for all students to see and study.

  • On 5/30/2011

    Jan Conner from Martinsville, IN shared

    The first coaching book I ever read was "They Call Me Coach" and then to get the thrill of meeting him and getting to know this amazing wealth of knowledge and sincerity. I have used the Pyramid for all my years of coaching and life. I know he is thrilled to be with Nellie again. Martinsville loves you and all my players love you.

  • On 5/26/2011

    Oliver Stevens from London shared

    What can I say? I just feel so blessed that I can actually learn form this man and hopefully do my part to continue on some of his lessons. Great man. Rest in peace. Any many thanks.

  • On 5/24/2011

    Michael Goldberg from Fresno, CA shared

    I was a student at U.C.L.A from 1969-1972. I played in the band and saw most of the games during our "glory years". I have a copy of the Pyramid of Success and have tried to live by its values. I was influenced by Coach and even though I never attended his class, so to speak, he taught me as well. I felt like I knew him and I miss him.

  • On 5/16/2011

    Mike from Klamath Falls, OR shared

    Your wisdom and teachings are still relevant today. I enjoy reading your writing and quotes. Thank You Coach Wooden

  • On 5/09/2011

    Serena from Upland, CA shared

    I love John Wooden I have all of his kid books since I am one.I started off liking USC I know come on but once I saw John Wooden I switched my side to the BRUINS!!!

  • On 5/03/2011

    Marsha Martin from Houston, TX shared

    I had the honor of meeting Coach Wooden several years ago with an FCA group. I had admired him for years and this was incredible. He was even greater that I had imagined...such a personable man who loved his student-athletes. He is and will always be an incredible role model for all coaches.

  • On 4/28/2011

    Shayla from Forest Grove, OR shared

    I didn't know him personally, but I've heard a great deal of good things about Coach Wooden. I am sorry for the losses of those who did know him. Know that he's in a better place now and is still watching over all of you. He's always in your hearts. Best of wishes...

  • On 4/22/2011

    Stephen from Scottsdale, AZ shared

    Never has a man taught so much to so many about life, leadership, self reliance and perseverance. Time will go on, but what he has taught to millions of people will live on in everyday life and be passed down to future generations. I strive to be half the man that John Wooden was. Thank you sir, for all that you have done and I am not even talking about basketball.

  • On 4/21/2011

    Darin Seto from Sacramento, CA shared

    This is way John Wooden was successful in his career. I truly believe in his famous quote that was shared in my leadership class. "My definition of success is Peace of mind attained only through self satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do the best of which you are capable of."

  • On 4/19/2011

    Nathan Kneib from Bowling Green, MO shared

    I'm a HUGE Duke fan so Coach K is the bomb and will go down as one of the Greatest coaches ever to coach this game. Guess who will be one spot ahead of him? None other then John Wooden! The Greatest Coach to EVER coach the game of Basketball. Those who have ever played for him or have ever been around him in my eyes are the luckiest people that walk this earth! Thank you John Wooden!

  • On 4/15/2011

    Micah from Long Beach, CA shared

    Mr. Wooden you are an amazing person and I'm starting to think that you are some kind of saint or angel sent from above. You've helped me realize what my purpose is here on earth. I promise to be the best at which I am capable of in everything that I do, every day of every year for the rest of my life. Rest in Peace Mr. Wooden.

  • On 4/11/2011

    Kathy from South Portland, ME shared

    I loved reading of John Wooden in the Guideposts Magazine. Had never head of him before reading the story. His daughter Nan did a wonderful job conveying about her father and family - beautiful.

  • On 4/09/2011

    Karen Taylor from Gering, NE shared

    I just received The Wisdom of Wooden as a Public Television thank you gift. It means so much to me, as I coach my driver's ed. students. This is as good a place as any to take the sportsmanship pledge. Coach Wooden has taught me to be a success! I plan to use the pyramid in my classroom for Driver's Ed. Thank you Coach Wooden.

  • On 4/04/2011

    Zahra from Pakistan shared

    I regret not meeting John Wooden in his lifetime. I finished reading his book today, and am so inspired, that i'm beyond words...May God bless his soul in the heavens as a reward for his diamond like messages on coaching, leadership and success..he has touched my life at a junction in time while I was considering coaching as a career...he has helped me realize my dream!

  • On 4/01/2011

    Bill Hendrickson from Provo, UT shared

    As a coach of young boys over the last thirty years at the college, high school, and middle school level, Coach Wooden's teachings, his life, his legacy has served as my professional foundation . I teach his curriculum, I strive to impart his vision of a life lived with faith and patience. He continues to be my mentor in leadership and success principles.

  • On 3/28/2011

    Mike Myers from Orlando, FL shared

    Coach Wooden was such a great man and so committed in each of his endeavors. His love, respect, and loyalty, and dedication to his wife, his family, religion, and his fellow citizens is a constant reminder that the world could truly be a better place if we would just practice a small portion of his life's teachings daily!

  • On 3/24/2011

    Brooke from Newport Beach, CA shared

    When I was 7 John Wooden came over to my house for a day and it was such a great memory. He was very inspirational and taught my family and i very much. Rest in peace.

  • On 3/17/2011

    Joseph from Reno, NV shared

    He was a great man who did many great things.

  • On 3/14/2011

    Ashlyn from Boise, ID shared

    I play basketball and all of the quotes Coach Wooden said have kept me going. He has taught me how to be a leader. Thank you.

  • On 3/13/2011

    Marshall Schwarz from Salida, CO shared

    Inspirational, moving and 100% pure American! A mentor to me, even though I never had the pleasure of meeting the man.

  • On 3/12/2011

    David Frederick from Williamston, NC shared

    The words of wisdom from this man are incredible. I owe him much gratitude for shaping me to the person I have turned into today. Although I never met him in person, I can say that he has given me inspiration beyond most that I have ever met in my relatively short time on this earth. My wish is that the teachings of the great man live on, and that the youth of today can follow his wise words. Thank you.

  • On 3/12/2011

    Sarah from Williamston, NC shared

    I am a Sunday School teacher for a group of teens. I have been teaching from Coach's Pyramid of Success - Building Blocks for A Better Life. This has been a remarkable experience for me as a teacher and I really believe the teens are getting the message. For the first time they are enjoying our class. They have asked me to make sure we cover the entire book. I am so thankful for Coach Wooden and his willingness to share what was laid on his heart. We will never forget him.

  • On 3/09/2011

    Bob from Lincoln, NE shared

    About 35 years ago, I was taking a methods of coaching basketball class. That head coach us information related to the pyramid of success. Even though I never met Coach, his wisdom encouraged me as a young coach to be a positive impact on my high school junior varsity basketball team and junior high football team, and now as a college instructor. I also greatly appreciated the various radio broadcasts with and most recently the PBS broadcast about Coach Wooden. Thanks Coach. Bob

  • On 3/08/2011

    Mike Freitag from Castle Rock, CO shared

    Coach, I never met you but your lessons have made it to me and I will pass them on. Thanks!

  • On 3/08/2011

    Gabe Wooden from Joplin, MO shared

    Thank you Great-Grandpa for everything you've done for me and the world! We will always remember you! Your Grandson, Gabe Wooden

  • On 3/06/2011

    Tim from Liberty, MO shared

    I feel lucky to even know a piece of Coach Wooden's teachings. He has influenced my personal life as well as the way in which I work with young kids. His principled life will shine as an example of true success for generations to come and I will do my part to pass his lessons along to the next generation. Thank you Coach Wooden for your integrity and commitment to others.

  • On 3/04/2011

    Andrew Yanga Castro from Quezon City, Phillippines shared

    Coach John Wooden, Your LEGACY will live on here and now...See you there and then..

  • On 3/04/2011

    Leonardo Lara from Rio de Janeiro shared

    My name is Leonardo and I'm a Judo Coach from Brazil and I'd like to say that I've learned so much when I received a book regarding John Wooden and his concepts about how to be a special leader.

  • On 3/01/2011

    Marvin Williams from Everett, WA shared

    When I played basketball in high school and college I used to admire and wonder why Coach Wooden always seemed under control in his coaching and discipline of his players. Now I know why...Coach Wooden was being coached and disciplined by God who had instilled in him high character and a love for people. P.S. Coach Wooden's last championship in 1975 was against Kentucky (my birth state), and he ended his illustrious career with class and dignity!

  • On 2/28/2011

    Bruce Lim from Corona, CA shared

    If all of the sports teams would play like Coach Wooden's vision, we would have a great sports teams. God bless Mr. Wooden and his family.

  • On 2/28/2011

    Jeff Street from North Bend, OR shared

    At 10, I attended his basketball camp. On the first day, Coach walked in and he instructed us on how to properly tie our shoes. Then we went the first full day without even touching a basketball. Wow! I realize now that just like the cornerstones of the Pyramid; he was laying the foundation. He, along with my father shaped my life. Not perfect, but a willing participant in learning to find success through the principles that Coach Wooden laid out so wonderfully. Thank you Coach, for everything!

  • On 2/26/2011

    R. Jurado from East Los Angeles shared

    It is not about the Wizard or the National Championships; it will always be about the man who put those he cared for, First in heart, spirit and in life. It is said life is for learning and the Coach has shared and taught us all well. I want to thank you Coach for inspiring me to be a better person as a father and educator; from the bottom of my heart thank you for representing us well and teaching us to be not just jocks but Men.

  • On 2/23/2011

    Carson Waggoner from Olney, IL shared

    John Wooden i would have to say is the best man I have ever read about.

  • On 2/21/2011

    Justin Holweger from Middletown, OH shared

    I have had the privilege of coaching basketball locally for the past forty years. All I needed was Coach Wooden's Practical Modern Basketball, and his Pyramid of Success. His blueprint has touched many lives, and he will be missed. God has Blessed us with the greatest coach who ever lived. Now he is with Nell again, and he is truly at peace.

  • On 2/15/2011

    Duff Wilmoth from Bellflower, CA shared

    I continue hold myself and all like minded captains of sport and industry to Coach's precepts. Not a day that goes by that I uphold a block, maybe two of The Pyramid. It is the most profound set of observations on self improvement thru selfless behavior. I count myself fortunate to abide by these maxims of personal success and have discovered "things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out."

  • On 2/02/2011

    David Busch from Marlton, NJ shared

    John Wooden has been an inspiration to me over the course of my life. Peace of mind is the best gift you can give yourself. Rest in peace Coach.

  • On 1/27/2011

    Ed from Pittsburgh, PA shared

    I just wanted to thank him for making me a better person. He makes you realize the important things in life. You words will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

  • On 1/25/2011

    Maria Alago from Dallas, OR shared

    The legacy of Coach Wooden lives on. From his writings, speeches, and testimony of those who met him I abstracted that he was humble, inspirational, trustworthy, and incited others to aim towards excellence. Those are the attributes and marks of a transformational leader, who aims to make others great for the benefit of society in general. May we all aspire to reach his vision of integrity and authenticity in our daily living.

  • On 1/22/2011

    Marcos Litterio from Sao Paulo, Brazil shared

    In many many moments along my career, my leadership style and attitudes were (and still are) inspired by Coach Wooden teachings. He was truly, my "guru" of choice on Leadership matters. Today I was writing my first article in my blog, coincidently about him. That?s how I found out he passed away. My article now is more than a mention, but a humble tribute to his legend. Thank you Coach!!

  • On 1/21/2011

    Thomas Bordelon from Los Angeles, CA shared

    I am a professional motocross racer, MMA Fighter and Rock/Hip Hop Artist from Houston,Tx currently living in Los Angeles, Ca. Everyday of my life I read the things "Coach" has said and I try to live my live by them. He is one of my biggest role models in my life and I feel that by living my life how he teaches us then I will be ok. I cannot thank him enough for giving me the power and will I have everyday I wake up and for never giving up on my dreams. "Thanx Coach"

  • On 1/17/2011

    Semi from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Coach Wooden influenced my life in a very special way, although, I never got the opportunity to meet this great man. He changed my life through his book "Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success." If he had that power through this short l book I can only imagine how big of an influence he had to those he coached from close. Thanks Coach, your pyramid is the right way of life!

  • On 1/16/2011

    Monica Everton from Tampa, FL shared

    I'm in the middle of reading his book "They Call Me Coach" and it is truly amazing and inspiring, not only as a basketball player, but as a Christian and a person. I recommend this book to EVERYONE, whether you enjoy basketball or not. He was a great, brilliant, philosophical man, may he rest in peace.

  • On 1/09/2011

    Mike McClellan from Muncie, IN shared

    The world truly seems different today without him and surely is a better place with the gifts of wisdom he left behind. I personally would like to see the "Wooden Award" be given to the most outstanding "Senior" in college basketball each year to further honor Coach Wooden and his emphasis on completing college.

  • On 1/05/2011

    Michael from Windsor, Ontario shared

    I had heard your name before, Coach, but never really knew what you had accomplished. I'm a basketball player, but never really spent much time indulging in watching college games. After deciding to do a paper on your life, I discovered all the things you had done, shattering what I thought had been possible for a person to achieve in a lifetime. Thank you for your inspiration, as I now know that if someone is to strive for what they want to achieve, they really can surprise us all.

  • On 1/04/2011

    Sarah from New York shared

    Coach Wooden my name is Sara and I have been reading your book "The Essential Wooden". This book really describes the way my coaches have tried throughout the years and succeeded in bringing us up. Your influence has made my team go from a losing season to a winning one and all that was through not only you but also our coaches and they base their teachings upon you. So without your inspiration we wouldn't be as good as we are now. So I wanted to thank you.

  • On 1/04/2011

    Larry Williams from Frankfort, IN shared

    I just finished reading "Pyramid of Success" and as another whose life has been impacted by Coach Wooden\'s teachings, I would like to thank him for setting the ultimate example. His life was a direct reflection of his faith and the way he interacted with all who he met. Even though he is gone (to a much better place), his legacy will live on through his family, those he coached, and those who take advantage of his writings. Thanks Coach!

  • On 1/04/2011

    Mario Espinosa from Tampa, FL shared

    As a former player, coach, and as a student and fan of the game of basketball, Coach John Wooden is my favorite thing about basketball. He was like Yoda to his players and his teachings are timeless and still hold true today in not only sports but in all aspects of life. I am a Middle School Teacher and Coach and I have Coach Wooden's teachings about Character front and center in my classroom. I don't think that there will ever be one quite like him ever again.

  • On 1/03/2011

    Rich Boles from Holliston, MA shared

    Thanks for being a great leader and great role model!

  • On 1/02/2011

    Manas from Los Angeles, CA shared

    You truly are a legend, you will always be remembered and known for being the best of the best. You will never be forgotten. Thanks to you, UCLA is the best.

  • On 1/01/2011

    Martin from Coventry, England shared

    I saw his TED talk in 2009 and I have been inspired by Coach Wooden ever since. He is truly a great human being, a rare breed in this modern society. Coach Wooden, thank you very much for sharing your wisdom and life principles to all of us, and may you rest in peace in heaven.

  • On 12/29/2010

    Tom Smith from Ontario, CA shared

    Thanks Coach Wooden for all the wonderful wisdom you have shared with us for so many years. I first read Coach Wooden's book "Practical Modern Basketball" in 1970. It took me a long time to discover the amazing power of the Pyramid of Success that he created, but now I study it several times each week to keep on track with my life. It has really helped me immensely. Thanks, Coach Wooden, for your superb guidance.

  • On 12/29/2010

    Ryan from Chicago, IL shared

    I have finished reading MY PERSONAL BEST for the second time, and it still continues to convey entirely new and different messages for my life. I will refer to this book for guidance during the rest of my life.

  • On 12/25/2010

    Ed Mullen from West Palm Beach, FL shared

    Coach and Family - The teams and youngsters I coach in multiple sports over the past 20 years, now know Coach Wooden. Not only your record setting wins but more importantly on how to live your life as Coach Wooden has taught us to be a winner in the game of life.

  • On 12/25/2010

    David Guthrie from Phoenix, AZ shared

    I was just graduating from college with a degree in Physical education and coaching as Coach Wooden was retiring from UCLA. A school I coached at early in my coaching career was new and we named our mascot the Bruins and are colors where blue and gold. My library of Wooden books is one my most important resources I use almost daily. My most important resource book is the "Good Book" as Wooden referred to the Bible.

  • On 12/24/2010

    Paul Davis from Heath, OH shared

    I have read many books that Coach Wooden has written. I have coached for 25 years, and Coach's philosophy has affected my coaching the entire time. Even though I never met him, he has also been a huge inspiration to me. He is now in Heaven with his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He also gets to see his wife Nelli. Thanks for a dedicated life Coach Wooden.

  • On 12/18/2010

    John O'Donnell from Irvine, CA shared

    I had the pleasure to meet Coach Wooden, and you could feel that you were in the presence of greatness the moment he walked in the room. His genuine humor, love of fellow man, and humble nature was so inspiring. In my career I have met many successful people from all walks of life, most I met were arrogant, but no one has given me "that feeling of genuine love and sincerity" that Coach radiated to all in his presence. May you Rest in Peace for all eternity with beloved Nell, Coach W.

  • On 12/17/2010

    Ed from Boynton Beach, FL shared

    I have coached thousands of children over the past 20 years and every season I tell them about Coach John Wooden. Not the NCAA championships he has won but the principles and guidelines he lived his life by. Illustrating these principles to have them understand how to live a full life not only in sports but the game of life. Thank you Coach Wooden and Family.

  • On 12/03/2010

    Fred from Houston, TX shared

    I just finished reading A GAME PLAN FOR LIFE, and it has really made a big impact on my life from page 1 on through to the end. Coach Wooten's life lessons have truly been a BLESSING to my life. After reading the book it has made me more accountable not to just my family but to the world around me. Coach Wooten is gone but his lessons will live on through those he has touched with his written word.

  • On 12/03/2010

    Jim Thomas from Clovis, CA shared

    The bar has been set so high it isn't likely to ever be reached again! Coach was living Testimony that Excellence is not a Luxury, it is a Way of Life.

  • On 12/01/2010

    Mariota Theodoris from Riviera Beach, FL shared

    While playing overseas basketball this fall, I read Coach Wooden's book; "A Game Plan for Life: The Power of Mentoring". The book moved me so much, I had to share it with my Greek coach. My coach and I were so inspired by Coach Wooden's life lessons, it really just takes you back to you were really are involved in basketball....we are blessed to be a blessing! Thank you Coach Wooden for paying forward you humble wisdom!

  • On 11/27/2010

    Margaret Hiatt from Melbourne, Australia shared

    Today I have discovered John Wooden. What an amazing person he was. He has inspired so many in life and continues to do so in death. My life is all the richer for having heard his speech. Thank you 'Coach'.

  • On 11/22/2010

    Cody Thompson from Kemp, TX shared

    John Wooden has to be one of the greatest coaches in basketball the game has ever had, one of the reasons is that he has one so many national championships. He is my most favorite coach of all time. Coach Wooden you will always be loved and remembered.

  • On 11/21/2010

    Christian from Spokane shared

    I was lucky to learn about the greatest coach to ever coach the game of basketball. I do not know him personally but wished i did he was a great man who lived by his pyramid of success and his honors show that his way was the best.

  • On 11/17/2010

    Vernon E. Johns from Helendale, CA shared

    Coach Wooden's devotion to his family and a view of success rooted in faith and integrity -not just wealth -is truly inspirational. I teach high school and have included writing assignments based on the success pyramid for years. Coach Wooden's faith and devotion are perfect examples of how we need to strive to live. Thank you Coach for inspiring us to greatness!

  • On 11/13/2010

    Erik Romo from North Hills, CA shared

    Coach Wooden, thank you!! I learned so many things just by what you wrote. I can only imagine what I would have learned had I known you personally. You taught me that a life lived for God is the life to live. I was definitely sad to see you go but was mostly happy for you. You made it to Heaven Coach!!! God used you in such great ways that the world would not be the same had you not been here. Thank You so, so much coach! You are truly an inspiration in my life.

  • On 11/11/2010

    KP from Manchester, NH shared

    I was fortunate enough to meet the Great Coach Wooden about 7 years ago when I was an assistant coach. He was the most humble person I have ever met. I vividly remember him sitting in a chair speaking to our team as if he was sitting with a group of friends. He inspired me more than any other coach. I pass along his wisdom and talk about him every day in practice.

  • On 11/08/2010

    Stan Hom DC from Walnut, CA shared

    I grew up in the 80s in LA a lover of basketball. Always the Lakers and the Bruins but oddly I never saw Coach as my mentor until 2 years ago. Choosing him as a mentor came as a result of watching one of his speeches on the Internet. I know it will continue to prove to be one of the most profound decisions in my life. Thank you coach... For your leadership, your love, and your service of humankind.

  • On 11/06/2010

    Bradley Bertram from Vincennes, IN shared

    If every person had Mr. Wooden?s Mind the world would be much different and better place. John Wooden is my hero and to me a god. I base everything i do on a daily basis on what John Wooden taught. He was the greatest ever...

  • On 11/04/2010

    Alicia from Louisville, KY shared

    Thank you Mr. Wooden. Wisdom and words will always be associated with the people of your generation.

  • On 10/31/2010

    Alfred P from West Warwick shared

    Coach Wooden is still an inspiration to me as he has been and will continue to be for so many. One of his greatest qualities of Coach Wooden's we need to hold up to young people is loyalty. He was genuine and true to people because he truly, truly loved.

  • On 10/30/2010

    Perry Sanford from San Diego, CA shared

    Coach wooden was my Great Uncle...Though I never met him I will learn from him.

  • On 10/29/2010

    Eric Skidmore from Akron, OH shared

    I'm an attorney in Akron,OH. When Coach Wooden passed away, I was traveling to Clev.for a court appearance. I listened to a very emotional and articulate interview by Bill Walton on the radio. I was very moved by Walton's love and admiration for Coach Wooden. Since, I've read most of the Wooden books and buy dozens at a time to hand out to my family, friends, little league baseball players and clients. It is my small way to be mentored and mentor.

  • On 10/27/2010

    Kery R from Toronto, Canada shared

    Coach Wooden was a great person who showed us all how to lead an honest life while being true to self and all living beings. I never got a chance to meet the legend in person but coach is a dear friend and will trully be missed by all. May you rest in peace coach.

  • On 10/26/2010

    Percy Hoff from Saskatoon, SK, Canada shared

    Coach Wooden inspired so many, even outside of his sport. As a soccer coach, I constantly referred to and continue to refer to his wisdom. As the technical director of a soccer club, I use much of his works to inspire the amateur coaches in our club. He will forever remain in our minds and hearts.

  • On 10/25/2010

    Michael from Longmont, CO shared

    I used to attend Coach's basketball camp at (then) Cal Lutheran College in Thousand Oaks. One morning we were running the UCLA offense (or trying to), and I had just made a pass from the high post when Coach happened to be walking by - he commented on how well we were running the offense. I beamed the entire rest of that day - Coach Wooden had seen my play!! I received a plaque with the pyramid of success on it, which hung in my bedroom for years afterwards. Coach, you will be missed.

  • On 10/21/2010

    Tom Smith from Ontario, CA shared

    John Wooden has profoundly affected my life. He was a great man and led by example. I will always appreciate what I've learned from him. Thanks, Coach Wooden.

  • On 10/21/2010

    Bill Warren from Salem, OR shared

    I am an alumnus of UCLA, class of 1966. There have been but a few people in my life that have profoundly influenced my thinking and philosophy regarding living. John Wooden was one of these people. I am thankful to have lived during his tenure in our world and he gave so much more than was given him. We were travelling on what would have been John's 100th birthday, so here is a belated birthday wish to the Wooden family and God bless.

  • On 10/21/2010

    Uyi from Benin City, Edo State shared

    Sir, you are highly honored and thanks for touching and affecting peoples lives positively and God bless you any where you are and also bless your family. Amen.

  • On 10/18/2010

    Jens from Halmstad, Sweden shared

    I am very grateful for the inspiration I have received from Coach Wooden. I have read several of his books and also watched lectures on the internet. Now I teach basketball and English in similar spirit as he did. I have learned so much and will continue to learn more. Thanks a lot!

  • On 10/16/2010

    Michael from Irving, TX shared

    I never had the privilege of meeting the greatest basketball coach (and arguably the greatest coach in any sport) of all-time. Thankfully, however, my life has been enriched with the many books written by and of him. His lessons of simply doing one's best, staying humble, and the power of pure, true, and unconditional love have helped give me the proper perspective on how to maximize my potential in life and be the best person that I can be. Thank you, Coach. I'll never forget you.

  • On 10/16/2010

    Anthony Leiva from Hillsboro, OR shared

    Being born in Burbank and raised in the San Fernando Valley, I have many fond memories. My father was a huge fan of Coach Wooden. Every year 7-up would have the records of the year?s championships and scores on the bottles. I had every championship bottle that the Bruins won and is still one of my fondest memories. Thank you Dad and thank COACH WOODEN for teaching me the most valuable lessons in life. I am so proud to be a WOODEN fan!!!!

  • On 10/15/2010

    Marti Squyres from Woodland Hills, CA shared

    Last year I sent an email to this site on October 14 wishing John Wooden a Happy Birthday. I got a response back thanking me and to send another wish next year. This year I send my wishes to the Coach as he celebrates #100 in Heaven, alongside his beloved wife. Happy Birthday Coach, we sure miss you!

  • On 10/14/2010

    Kyle Alm from Tacoma, WA shared

    I've seen his TED talk and it's the most inspirational video I've ever seen. One of the best speeches for sure. Pyramid of success is incredible too, most useful sheet of paper ever.

  • On 10/14/2010

    Larry Maxwell from Martinsville, IN shared

    Really didn't know who John Wooden was when it was announced that he would speak at my High School Graduation in 1963 (before any NCAA championships). But after meeting Coach and being able to call him my friend for the past 20 years I discovered just how special he was. I must say my life as well as my family's have been blessed to have known John Wooden.

  • On 10/14/2010

    Scott Clay from Chicago, IL shared

    I wanted to wish Coach Wooden a Happy 100th Birthday and also for him to know that I have been really inspired by his book and his life in general. I have his pyramid of success sitting above my desk, and I have just finished his book entitled WOODEN. It has given me a new outlook on life and I hope Coach is resting peacefully where ever he is now.

  • On 10/14/2010

    Lanien from Corona, CA shared

    On what would have been your 100 birthday...I know you are up in heaven with your Nellie surrounded by everything you love. You touched our lives in ways you'll never know. RIP Coach Wooden...Pauley will NEVER be the same without you!

  • On 10/14/2010

    Rahul Raina from New Delhi shared

    Happy Birthday to the World?s Best Coach

  • On 10/14/2010

    Ruby from New Delhi shared

    Your thoughts has inspired us a lot. We learned every time new lessons from your thoughts. It always helps us to improve the leadership roles. I really thank for inspiring us. God Bless You! REST IN PEACE..............!

  • On 10/14/2010

    Kamal Joshi from Delhi shared

    On your birthday, I celebrate you! On your special day, I?m thinking of all the wonderful things you are that bring so much joy to others, including me! I celebrate your unconquerable spirit that lets you meet every challenge with confidence, enthusiasm and persistence. I admire your sensitivity. There is no one else like you, such an extraordinary person. I appreciate you, respect you, cherish you, and look up to you. Happy, happy birthday!

  • On 10/14/2010

    Patrick J. Simpson from Hannibal, MO shared

    Happy Birthday Coach ? had to wait for the 100th to celebrate it w/ Nellie. Love from a faithful follower ? Patrick J. Simpson ? Thanks for Everything.

  • On 10/13/2010

    Brandon Rosser from Taylors, SC shared

    I?m just entering my fifth season as a college basketball coach and I have read some of Coach Wooden's books. A lot of what I use with my players and personally has nothing to do with basketball. Coaches life was in correct order which allowed him to succeed both on and off the hardwood. God Bless!

  • On 10/08/2010

    Kevin O?Sullivan from Athlone, Ireland shared

    I happened across John Wooden while in Chicago in 1995 flicking through tv channels, I was glued to his story on HBO. I bought his book and have been spreading his gospel ever since. A truly great and humble man - I wish he had reached the 100!

  • On 10/07/2010

    Anthony Lang from San Diego, CA shared

    May God bless you Coach and your true love Nellie.

  • On 10/07/2010

    Marco Espindola from Pasco, WA shared

    Truly known for everything good on and off the court, Coach Wooden was and still is my role model. All his lessons and quotes I live by now and till I leave this world. You were truly a God send. I love ya Coach. May you Rest In Peace with your beloved Nellie. Gonna miss you. Thank You Coach!

  • On 10/05/2010

    Aaron Vaughn from Munci, IN shared

    I first came across Coach Wooden's books during the early part of my high school career while skipping class for the first and last time. I came across the quote "Be quick, but don't hurry" and I instantly wanted more of Coach. Now, I'm a student manager for the men's basketball team at Ball State under Head Coach Billy Taylor. Coaching on a D-1 staff is a goal of mine in the future and I'm honored to say that Coach Wooden is who I want to be as a man and leader. Coach defines high standards!

  • On 10/01/2010

    Norman Okada from Sasebo, Japan shared

    I discovered the power of John Wooden's words over a year ago, and they have changed my life. It has not been just the words but the way he lived his life. He lived by character (who he really was), setting the example. I facilitate life skill classes for US Navy Sailors and I shared Coach Wooden's quotes about success and choice during my goal setting workshops. Although his body is gone, his spirit will live with me for the rest of my life. Coach, I know you are now at rest with your beloved.

  • On 9/27/2010

    Tammy Maginn from Martinsville, IN shared

    Coach Wooden's lessons on life, learning and faith are timeless. Now that I am a future teacher, I plan to have his Pyramid of Success hanging in my classroom as a daily reminder to my students and myself about how to attain our "personal best". Thanks Coach Wooden from one Artesian to another.

  • On 9/20/2010

    Franki Treglia from Hollidaysburg, PA shared

    My dad gave me a John Wooden book at the beginning of last summer, and I didn't really want to read it. After reading a few pages, I finished the book and ever since I have been trying to model my life and basketball career after John Wooden. Thank you John Wooden!

  • On 9/15/2010

    Greg Foertsch from Chicago, IL shared

    I've been inspired by the example of Coach's life and have incorporated those lessons into every facet of my life. As a Guidance Counselor and Coach, I utilize the Pyramid of Success almost daily to inspire, lead and motivate my students to be the best they are capable of becoming. Not only was Coach the greatest coach of his era or any era, for that matter, but he may well have been the greatest example of how to live a rich, meaningful and inspirational life.

  • On 9/14/2010

    Kevin Windle from Lenoir City, TN shared

    For when the one Great Scorer Comes to write against your name, He writes not that you won or lost, But how you played the game. Well played, Coach. Well played. We are eternally grateful for the class that you have taught

  • On 9/11/2010

    Jed from Scotland, UK shared

    Coach's memory, straightforward thinking and supreme coaching will live on. Rest in peace coach

  • On 9/10/2010

    Greg Currie from Oak Ridge, NJ shared

    Dear Coach, Even though you will not read this email, I know that you are aware its contents . I can not thank you enough for your example and inspiration. I refer to "Wooden- A Lifetime of Observations and Reflections On and Off the Court" on a daily basis. It has made me a better husband, a better father, a better vice principal, a better referee, and most importantly a better person. We miss you, but are glad you are reunited with Nellie. God Bless You!

  • On 9/07/2010

    Jason Mondo from Akron, OH shared

    You have inspired me and will continue to inspire me. I am looking to be a college coach one day and reading your books have meant a lot to me. I am glad you finally get to see your wife but she knows you had to teach the world before you came and saw her.

  • On 9/02/2010

    Abe Kahan from Evanston, IL shared

    Coach Wooden touched so many people including myself with his wisdom. His example showed us all how sports should be played, and also what a true coach, teacher can be. If we would all emulate Coach Wooden more we would be living in a far better place. I am a better person because of Coach Wooden's influence.

  • On 9/01/2010

    Mike Gavin from Juneau, Alaska shared

    Stroke of LUCK, I had a major stroke in Feb. 1972, I met Coach on a flight from LAX in 1975. On that 2hr flight, he taught me that if I really really put my mind to it, I would learn how to walk again. Well 3yrs later, I was walking. Everyday I replayed what Coach told me on how to be a winner. Fate ? what a wonderful thing. I could have sat next to someone else!

  • On 8/28/2010

    Suzanne Schreier from Milton, WA shared

    I am not a coach. Actually, I am not a big fan of basketball. I heard about Coach on TV when he passed away. When I saw people speaking so poignantly about this man and his successes, I wanted to learn about him. I can honestly say that Coach is one of my greatest heros EVER! What I wouldn't have given to have spent 30 minutes with such a beautiful man. My life is changed because of him. Thank you Coach. You are a much needed blessing from God.

  • On 8/25/2010

    Alex from San Antonio, TX shared

    My heart goes out to Coach Wooden's children, Nan and Jim, and to the rest of the Wooden family. We are eternally grateful to you for sharing your father with us for all these years. Coach Wooden was an even greater coach in the game of life and showed us how to Love.

  • On 8/25/2010

    Alex from San Antonio, TX shared

    My heart goes out to Coach Wooden's children, Nan and Jim, and to the rest of the Wooden family. We are eternally grateful to you for sharing your father with us for all these years. Coach Wooden was an even greater coach in the game of life and showed us how to Love.

  • On 8/25/2010

    Pedro Neto from Portimao, Portugal shared

    Coach Wooden, Thanks for the lessons through your books. Your greatness is unparalleled, thank you!

  • On 8/22/2010

    Jon Willcox from Mckinleyville, CA shared

    Thanks for the dedication, thoughtfulness, and sacrifice.

  • On 8/19/2010

    Ken Morris from Richmond, KY shared

    They say Coach was the greatest coach of his time; I say he was one of the greatest men of all time. He has influenced, not only athletes, but people all over the world, not only with victories, but with character and wisdom beyond his time. A person from humble beginnings who never lost his focus throughout life. If there was ever a person, a human being, who was close to perfection, we have known him and now we have lost him.

  • On 8/18/2010

    Fred from Kerrville, TX shared

    The wisdom and wit of Coach Wooden have been an inspiration to me. I work as an Employment Counselor with a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program and while he was a "sports coach" his lessons and wisdom have been a powerful message to the men in the program. I utilize the triangle with them and in my own life every day as a training tool and as an inspiration. God Bless you Coach

  • On 8/18/2010

    Annalise Espinosa from Bonney Lake, WA shared

    My dad gave me one of John Woodens books when I was 19. Ever since, I have been modeling my coaching style after Coach Wooden. Thank you for the inspiration Coach!

  • On 8/17/2010

    Todd Meyer from Salinas, CA shared

    Coach Wooden was the inspiration for my decision to get into coaching. The touching of lives is the most important and rewarding deed we can do. He's taught me to be selfless and patient and I never was fortunate enough to have met Coach. This is a thank you to Coach and his family for his never ending gift.

  • On 8/09/2010

    Jack from Seaside, CA shared

    I have read most of Coach Woodens books. Wow, what a true inspiration in every area of life he was. His books make you feel like he was right there speaking with you. I strive every day to do my best and to make my journey a masterpiece because of coach.

  • On 8/09/2010

    Mark Davis from Philly and Australia shared

    Coach Wooden you will always be remembered. Thanks for your inspiration, words of wisdom and the opportunity to pass those words to the young ballers of today....even on this side of the globe! Throughout my career I have always had your words cemented in the back of my mind and still will for years to come.

  • On 8/05/2010

    Carsten from Darwin, NT, Australia shared

    I`ve never met Mr. Wooden but I can say that his philosophy of life and his attitude changed my life and will change it forever. A great legend is dead but his spirit will always be amongst us.

  • On 8/04/2010

    JG from Philadelphia, PA shared

    The Greatest...Ever.

  • On 8/04/2010

    Dave from Baltimore, MD shared

    You have taught all of us the importance of love, and you have set a standard of excellence that is truly inspirational. May you and your beloved family and friends be blessed for eternity.

  • On 7/27/2010

    Rohit Mahajan from India shared

    Today for the first time, I read his wisdom. Immediately I decided to visit his site. I am sad to learn that he is no more.

  • On 7/22/2010

    Pablo Chavarin from San Diego, CA shared

    I can say without a doubt that you have been a great and influential part of my life. More importantly, however, my students in 4th-6th grade have benefited from your wisdom and your teachings through many of your books on leadership. I know that you are in a place full of love and filled with all of the people that you love, but I want to thank you for leaving us with an imprint of how to conduct ourselves as loving and caring human beings. Thank you.

  • On 7/21/2010

    Dwight from Charlotte, NC shared

    I purchased Coach Wooden's book They Call Me Coach when I was in high school and I watched his teams win championship after championship growing up. The lessions and the wisdom that I gained from his books, comments, and from others who knew him helped to make me who I am today. This is just an example of the impact he had on people both near and far.

  • On 7/20/2010

    James Eudaily from Plain City, OH shared

    When I was 16 years old, my Dad gave me Coach Wooden's book "TheyCall Me Coach". From that day I have tried to live by the Pyramid of Success in my life. I have shared this model with the teams I have coached in schools and now with my 6 kids. I wished I could have met Coach to thank him.

  • On 7/20/2010

    Dave Page from Simi Valley, CA shared

    I asked Coach to sign my bible. He said, ?Oh no Dave, I don?t sign bibles. I don?t feel worthy as it?s God?s Word. I didn?t say a word. Feeling dejected, I just looked down and then looked up and he looked me square in the eye and said, ?But in your case Dave I?m going to make an exception.? He wrote, ?Dave, thanks for your interest. Best wishes, John Wooden - 1 Corinthians 13.? John Wooden was my hero. I am saddened because of his passing but encouraged by what he taught me. I miss you Coach!

  • On 7/18/2010

    Kareem Daley from Philadelphia, PA shared

    I have never really grown to learn about the legacy of the late John Wooden, but I know he had a significant impact on the basketball world. Coach Wooden coached some of the greatest athletes, like Kareem Abdul Jabbar won many various titles through the centuries. John Wooden is one of the greatest coaches in sports history and left inspirational presents to us all.

  • On 7/17/2010

    Bote Talsama from Holwerd (Netherlands) shared

    Dear Coach, There are a few levels of influence that people can have on you. The highest level of influence is being an inspiration. You have been, and will be an inspiration for me whole my life. Thank you very much!

  • On 7/17/2010

    Chris Tait from Folsom, CA shared

    I wrote coach Wooden a letter in 2003 thanking him for all the great advice and guidance that he had provided me as a coach and father in his books. Not expecting anything in return, Coach Wooden mailed back a personal hand written letter and a number of signed pictures offering best wishes. I was blown away! But that was the kind of man that he was. Always giving and showing us the way to true happiness and success.

  • On 7/14/2010

    William from Branchville, NJ shared

    Coach Wooden, you are a inspiration to me and my basketball program. Many of my players are too young to remember you, but I instill a personal quote from you everyday we are together. I just hope I can impact my players like you did for so many years. RIP Coach! You are the best!

  • On 7/14/2010

    Steve Sternberg from Dallas, TX shared

    I grew up in the shadows of Westwood, listening to UCLA basketball in the early 50s when Coach Wooden was known as Johnny Wooden. His teams of the mid-50s with Willie Naulls, Morris Taft, Denny Crum, et. al. kept me glued to the radio even as his UCLA teams of the mid-60s kept me "glued to my seat" in Harmon Gym when I was a student at Cal. His words to his players before a game, "I've done my job, now it's up to you" are the challenge he leaves to each of us.

  • On 7/14/2010

    Vernon Stephens from Wichita, KS shared

    Coach John Wooden will forever be a guiding inspiration of "mind" over "matter". I read Wooden on Leadership the first part of the year and took away from it the simple adage: "Do the best you can, at that time, with what you have -- and never stop trying to better yourself." Everyone is creating their reality -- every day, minute, and second -- by our thinking and choices we make. So we have to be mindful of our thoughts knowing that a physical experience will manifest itself in our world.

  • On 7/12/2010

    Chloe Dark from Muncie, IN shared

    I first learned about John Wooden when I was a Sophomore in High School. A teacher in my school gave me his book to read, and I was immediately touched and inspired. I wrote him a letter sharing my thoughts and thanking him for being such a great role model. Much to my surprise, he wrote me back! His thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated!! I am now in my Senior year of college and his words still inspire me. I hope that I can become even half of the teacher, coach, and person he was.

  • On 7/12/2010

    MJ from West Chester, PA shared

    I have suggested that my son read your book and I will certainly pass it around to my best friends. Thanks for your wisdom and generosity...I know you must be listening and I hope somehow your thoughts can be on my son's shoulder throughout not only his athletic career but with each step he takes.

  • On 7/12/2010

    Joe Warden from Ashburn, VA shared

    I try to incorporate many of Coach Wooden's philosophies into how I raise my two young boys. The virtues and character that Coach Wooden taught is timeless and applies to any era. Coach Wooden was truly a great, selfless, and God-loving man who will be truly missed. The good news is his spirit and message will live on and those qualities that he lived his life by inspire me to live up to them. It is not easy at times but it is clearly the right things to do.

  • On 7/10/2010

    Mark from New York shared

    My heartfelt sympathies to the Wooden Family. We who dwell here have all lost an inspirational beacon and a man worthy of our undying gratitude and admiration. Yet the shining light of his legacy will never dim into twilight. He gently and graciously taught all of us how we should aspire to live our lives. Residing in a small place in my heart will always be this precious gift from God, John Wooden

  • On 7/09/2010

    Scott Aguilar from Bettendorf, IA shared

    My dad took me to some Bruins basketball games when I was about ten years old and my greatest memory was walking behind the bench watching the team warming up and coming right towards me with his hand out. He was my hero the greatest coach in the world. Years later he was so kind to take a picture with me and sign my program. His legacy will last forever and he will be missed.

  • On 7/09/2010

    Isaiah Orduna from San Francisco, CA shared

    Rest in peace Coach Wooden. We all miss you.

  • On 7/09/2010

    Mason Storm from Indianapolis, IN shared

    My first coaching job was at Martinsville High School and it was then that I heard so many fascinating stories about Coach Wooden and the manner in which he lived by. His books and testimony have shaped me as a Coach and I am forever grateful for the class act that Coach Wooden was to the coaching community. Well done Coach!

  • On 7/08/2010

    Eddy from Azusa, CA shared


  • On 7/08/2010

    Dave McLean from Eugene, OR shared

    I met Coach twice in the past ten years. He gave an inspirational speech, talked about the boys he coached at UCLA, the wisdom he learned from his father, and patiently answered questions for over an hour. On the ride down from the 44th floor. I asked if he had any parting words of advice. He started straight ahead, and I thought he had not heard me. As the elevator doors opened, he answered: "Don't lie, don't cheat, and always do your best". God bless you, Coach. You were a remarkable man.

  • On 7/06/2010

    Yolanda Salitrero from Chapin, SC shared

    Coach Wooden was and continues to be an inspiration to us all! Thank you for being such a great teacher.

  • On 7/06/2010

    James Edward Sampson Jr. from Ft. Lauderdale, FL shared

    The memory of Coach Wooden will forever be on the minds of many sports fans. Becuase he has touched the lives of Family?s across the world with his participation in the guidance of young men and women in the right direction in life. I feel like if i knew him personally i would have learned a lot of valuable lesson as did his peers and subordinates. Thanks John Wooden for your spirit not only in the game of basketball but also in life.

  • On 7/05/2010

    Adham from OH shared

    With the opportunity to coach young people, I have always looked to become a strong example to teach lessons in life. Through his books and interviews, Coach Wooden brought focus to my philosophy enabling me to become the best coach and teacher I can be. Thanks Coach!!

  • On 7/04/2010

    Michael from San Francisco, CA shared

    As a person that strives for self-improvement I can only hope to look at "Coach" as the image of perfection. I hope that the youth of this world can look at "Coach," and strive to live their lives like his. Rest in peace "Coach". The world will be a better place because of you.

  • On 7/04/2010

    Andrea Morris from Moreno Valley, CA shared

    Our condolences to the Wooden family. Thank you for sharing your father and grandfather with the world. He will truly be missed. He was such an influential person in the sports world for he truly cared about each person he mentored or met. We can all learn many....many lessons in life from his 99 years of life and how he lived his life and interacted with people. Andrea Morris and Family

  • On 7/03/2010

    Ronn Wyckoff from Clatskanie, OR shared

    I first met Coach Wooden in 1973, when I was coaching high school basketball in California. His influence on my coaching and personal lives have left an indelible impression. He also left lasting memories with my sons. My July article, "Coach: A Coach?s Family Influenced By John Wooden", is my tribute and remembrance of Coach John Wooden.

  • On 7/03/2010

    Daniel Park from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Dear Coach, Thanks for your graciousness. I still remember meeting you at the UCLA bookstore for one of your book signings. I am honored that you called me your "brother in Christ". I hope you are enjoying your time right now.

  • On 7/03/2010

    Jill Underwood from Martinsville, IN shared

    Coach Wooden went to school with my grandfather and always had kind words to say about him. He was such a "down to earth" good person, he will surely be missed.

  • On 7/02/2010

    Wally Wasinack from Temecula, CA shared

    To Jim and Nancy: I met your dad a few years after your mom passed away. He spoke at 2 events we'd arranged and he gave me a signed copy of "They Call Me Coach". I said to me the most beautiful part of the story was not the bb championships but the loving relationship he had with your Mom. He smiled. He remains my ultimate hero, God bless you and the entire Wooden family.

  • On 7/01/2010

    Andrew from Orleans, NB shared

    U know i never really knew who John was until i watched some videos of him and read some articls about him an when i thought of how someone could give so much of his life for other people not even thinking about himself an i think it touched me a lot just reading what he said an has done is very inspirational. I wish i could be more like that he?s touched people without even coaching them or knowing them. I was talking to someone the other day they burst into tears i men he was an awesome person

  • On 7/01/2010

    Cameron McDowell from Greenville, SC shared

    John Wooden knowledge about life and developing into the best person you can be, will always take a toll in the way I will live my life. I want to pass Wooden's way of life to my 17 month old son when he gets older. May JOHN WOODEN body of work and life lessons live on!!!!!

  • On 7/01/2010

    Sal Guerrero Jr. from Ottawa, IL shared

    Coach Wooden was a Hell of a Coach. He will always be remembered. I think he was the one that created basketball, the techniques that he showed to his players was just super. He had great teams and great players. He was a clean coach and his players were all successful. He will be missed. UCLA will never be the same without him in the stands sitting with his wife. R.I.P. Coach Wooden.

  • On 6/30/2010

    Chris Pino from Landing, NJ shared

    My Uncle Anthony Spino helped him until he died. I have his book Inch and Miles - he wrote in it (to Christopher love Coach John Wooden). I never saw him in person but I heard lots of good things about him from my uncle.

  • On 6/30/2010

    Ale from Pavia (Italy) shared

    Thank you for making this a better world. I miss you Coach.

  • On 6/30/2010

    Robert Hall from Anaheim, CA shared

    The gifts I received from coach was how to teach basketball, to sit near him and talk a little basketball and how to put on your socks and a signed pyramid of success. Thanks coach.

  • On 6/29/2010

    Kevin Naughton from USA shared


  • On 6/29/2010

    Dan Schultz from St. Paul, MN shared

    I have had the pleasure to be touched by Coach Wooden and Steve Jamison. Steve passed on my training program that I built for my company centered around Coach's Pyramid of Success to Coach and for that I am indebted. Just knowing that Coach saw how much he impacted my personal life and professional life was amazing and Steve's insight on our program was invaluable. My deepest sympathies and condolences to Mr. Jamison and the entire Wooden family.

  • On 6/29/2010

    Patrick Dailey from Milwaukee, WI shared

    To the family, friends, and former players of Coach Wooden: While my heart goes out to you for your loss, you may also take comfort in knowing that many people like me who only watched from the sidelines, have great envy for you for having known such a wonderful human being as John Wooden. You have my deepest and most heartfelt sympathy.

  • On 6/28/2010

    Rick Reidt from Stillwater, MN shared

    Coach Wooden's legacy and values live on as his philosophy and teachings provide the foundation of what I try to teach our high school girls lacrosse team members. We start our season by introducing the players to Coach Wooden and his Pyramid of Success. We reinforce his values after each game by awarding a Pyramid of Success Game Ball to a team member who demonstrates the values taught by Coach Wooden. I am so grateful for Coach Wooden - he is one my most valued mentors!

  • On 6/28/2010

    Angel F Banuelos from Ventura, CA shared

    The 12 Lessons in Leadership presented by Al Nordquist, was exceptional!! I'm still learning ~ in my mature age ~ and applying these lessons along with biblical instructions. Thank you very much for words of wisdom!!

  • On 6/28/2010

    Walter Theefs from Chicago, IL shared

    May the message on life that you gave us and lived be a blessing to all who follow your advice and spirit. Remaining as humble as you were successful. May you reunite with Nellie and now have an eternity together.

  • On 6/28/2010

    Jacob Selzer from Columbia, MS shared

    Coach Wooden, thank you for the values you stood. You were a terrific man with great wisdom. You've been reunited with Nell in Heaven with Jesus.

  • On 6/27/2010

    Spencer and Brandi Hamer from Studio City, CA shared

    Coach Wooden is an inspiration to us in every aspect of life. We will try to teach our son, Nicholas, the values that Coach Wooden tried to convey to all of us. Rest in peace Coach, and God bless you for all the wonderful years you spent with us.

  • On 6/27/2010

    David R from Fontana, CA shared

    When I became interested in basketball at the age of nine, the only team I knew was UCLA. I have followed them from 1967 to the present. Coach Wooden has inspired me to always give my best in whatever it is I am involved with. Everyone should aspire to be as great a person as coach Wooden. If we can become even 10% of the person coach Wooden was that would make us exceptional.

  • On 6/27/2010

    Richard Hamilton from Ripon, CA shared

    I am glad Coach is with his wife now for eternity. Coach taught me how to raise my son and daughter through his writings and by he way he lived his life. I feel blessed to have absorbed what he was teaching us. In times of frustration his words, love and wisdom are there to comfort and inspire us all. May the family find happiness knowing how many lives Coach touched.

  • On 6/27/2010

    Ellery Leung from NA shared

    Hi Mr. John Wooden - I just want to say "Thank you" to you for coming to my life. I know you from Tony Robbins "Power Talk" series and I learnt a lot from your talk. Your words have already gave a new emotion and power for my everyday life. I will become better and better throughout my life and I won\'t give up. I promise. R.I.P., Mr. Coach John Wooden. Thank you very much.

  • On 6/27/2010

    Joseph Hunter Sr. from Mebane, NC shared

    I had to choose a prize on a local sports radio show. I chose ?A Game Plan for Life? by John Wooden. It was with-out question one the best decisions I ever made! The book was free, this wisdom I gained was priceless. Thanks "Coach" I pledge to read all of your and be the best mentor I can be!.

  • On 6/27/2010

    Bill Consolo from El Segundo, CA shared

    "One man's life touches so many." What a great quote and if ever it reflected any one man it was Coach Wooden. His words have comforted me through disappointment and have strengthened my resolve. I am a coach and as I have heard him say that means I am a teacher first and foremost. I have taught everything I've learned from you to the young people I've been blessed to coach and I will forever on. Thank you and I love you Coach.

  • On 6/27/2010

    Peter from Huntington Beach shared

    The man shared a unique blend of knowledge and humility to the sports world. A true renaissance man and champion. Rest in peace Mr. Wooden.

  • On 6/26/2010

    Tim McMurray from Sycamore, IL shared

    It was an honor and privilege to meet Coach Wooden. In the summer of 2006, our National Association of Athletic Development Directors was on the UCLA campus for our summer meeting, and former UCLA senior associate athletics director Ross Bjork set up a lunch for us with Coach Wooden. I asked him what the greatest piece of advice he ever got was, and he quickly replied, "Well, you are a lot smarter than I am, but I would have to say The Golden Rule." Coach Wooden is the best.

  • On 6/26/2010

    John from Fullerton, CA shared

    I watched the tribute to Coach Wooden today (June26,2010) on TV today. My wife came in and started watching it with me and saw tears running down my face and asked if I knew Coach Wooden. I said no, but to myself I thought "I wish that I had. I probably would be a better person for it." Coach Wooden is correct in his order of what is important, 1) Faith in Jesus, 2) Family, 3) Friends.

  • On 6/26/2010

    Tom Dirsa from Leduc, AB. Canada shared

    I was a young coach in the 70's when I met Coach Wooden at a coaching clinic. He changed my life not from what I learned from him about X's and O's but from him as a man and human being! Thanks Coach!

  • On 6/26/2010

    Jon Fujiwara from Garden Cove, CA shared

    Coach Wooden was not only an amazing coach, but a wonderful man. He showed everyone that being a successful coach meant you needed to start by being an honest, caring, loyal, and honorable person first. I have many of his books, and they always continue to inspire me when I need a boost of confidence. UCLA will never be the same, and Pauley will have Nell and Coach watching over the place. Rest in peace, Coach... no one's earned it more than you.

  • On 6/26/2010

    Neil Reed from Nipomo, CA shared

    I met Coach at the 1994 McDonald's All-American Game in New York City. He told me two things, one of which I will keep private. The other was to "pull my shorts up." Although Coach embodies so much more, I will always remember that moment. As a young coach, teacher, husband, and father I will always use his words and actions to guide me through my life.

  • On 6/26/2010

    Ram Pattabiraman from Sydney, Australia shared

    Have used Coach Wooden's leadership lessons to learn and evolve as a good manager and as a good leader. I will miss him!

  • On 6/24/2010

    Scott Sefton from San Antonio, TX shared

    I'm from Franklin, Indiana, right down the road from where Coach is from so I have respected and admired him virtually all my life. However, it was not until I saw him on the Charlie Rose Show in Dec of 2000 that his wisdom changed my life. I've since taught my son Isaiah the many principles that Coach shared with the world. I know he is now making each "eternal" day a masterpiece!

  • On 6/23/2010

    Sean McDermott from Kennesaw, GA shared

    I knew Coach Wooden thru my father and the books coach Wooden wrote .. I am now a teacher and a high school basketball coach. I am truly grateful to both of these fine men for their contributions to my becoming who I AM. Coach Wooden never stopped teaching and the world is a better place because a farm boy from Indiana listened to his dad and I BEEN BLESSED to be able to listen to Coach Kevin McD and Coach John W- THANKS to both of you.

  • On 6/23/2010

    Art Gonzalez from Anaheim, CA shared

    I wish i would have read and applied his wisdom earlier in my life. Thank you for your insight and your love not only for the Game ...but for life... i wish more of us coaches would ..."Make each day our masterpiece"...and realize what a privilege it is to coach...My prayers are for the family and friends...my only regret is that i never met him.

  • On 6/23/2010

    Cynthia Bianchi from Palos Verdes Estates, CA shared

    John Wooden has been an inspiration to me since 1970 when he said "Hello, how are you?" to me on the campus of UCLA as I was walking to class, head-down and grim during one of the days of upheaval and protest during the VietNam War. There was something so truly kind, encouraging and sincerely friendly in his simple words of greeting to a young student. Thank you, Coach Wooden, for encouraging me.

  • On 6/23/2010

    Larry Pulley from Springfield, IL shared

    If everyone was like the Coach, I honestly believe it would be as "Close to Heaven", as life itself would have. He is the Ultimate Role Model after Christ! May he and Nell enjoy their Eternal Lives together. God bless the Memory of John and Nell Wooden and Family.

  • On 6/23/2010

    Ken Marks from Oakhurst, CA shared

    For many years (60's-70's) I cheered the Bruins on late-night-TV replays. What a treat to watch Coach remain calm on the sidelines while his well-taught players implemented his principles on the floor. God give us more coaches (and leaders) who believe that it's about doing well, not winning; who know how to teach in practice and to let the players play the game; who are not afraid to say, "This is the right way, now walk in it." Thanks, Coach -- just one of the millions you inspired.

  • On 6/23/2010

    David Reese from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Saw coach speak to a room of hardened cynical GTE directories sales reps. 15 minutes later, not a single dry eye. He was able to reach in, re-light a long dormant spirit and everyone felt better, more at peace, more clear in what they needed to do to live better. Thank you Coach, Dave

  • On 6/23/2010

    Jessica Howell from CA shared

    I was introduced to Coach Wooden via his books given to me by my boyfriend. Ultimately, it is because of God that I am who I am, however, God blessed us with John Wooden and gave him the intelligence and ability to articulate himself in such a way that inspired, brought peace, self assurance and confidence in choosing to do the right thing in life. I am studying to be a teacher and my Capstone Project for College was rooted in coach's quote, "Lead with love..." (I can't Thank you enough Coach!)

  • On 6/23/2010

    Shelley Benoit from Alamogordo, NM shared

    One of the reasons I wanted to become a teacher/coach was because of Coach Wooden. Not only did he motivate me to do the best I am capable of but he helped me establish who I wanted to be as an individual. I hope that I can pass along to my children, friends, students and athletes the pure spirit and demeanor that Coach Wooden possessed.

  • On 6/23/2010

    Tony Guthrie from Washington, IN shared

    One of the biggest thrills of my sports fan life was sitting at Hinkle Fieldhouse several years ago and listening to Coach Wooden and radio personality Amos Brown have more of a pleasant conversation than an interview. They covered topics that were supposed to be broached but did it in a manner that engaged the crowd and kept us drawn in and absorbing it all. THAT, friends, was one of Coach Wooden's gifts to mankind! RIP, Coach Wooden. Enjoy your time with Nell.

  • On 6/22/2010

    Nick Schneider from Hermosa Beach, CA shared

    I had the opportunity to see coach Wooden a few years ago as he spoke to a group of us at a church in Manhattan Beach. His stories about life and basketball and especially his touching memories of his wife changed me that day I heard him speak. Growing up a fan my entire life I will never forget that afternoon and I will always be inspired by this man for his wisdom, his knowledge and above all else for his morals and beliefs and how he lived his life. Thanks Coach.

  • On 6/21/2010

    MLM from Cincinnati, OH shared

    I read and was touched by Coach Wooden's words in his wonderful book "My Personal Best". Even though I am saddened by his passing, I hope that he is now in peace and enjoying life with his Nell. :) Thank you, Coach, for your wonderful and beautifully simplistic words of wisdom. :) My sympathies to the Wooden family.

  • On 6/21/2010

    JC Farley from Livermore, CA shared

    I have been a fan of Coach Wooden\'s all my life. As a native Hoosier and basketball player and fan, I recognize his immense contribution to the game, but his life transcended sports. He was a Master Teacher whose life itself was a sermon seldom equaled anywhere in America in the last century. I bid a heartfelt and fond adieu to this great man and take comfort in his now glorious reunion with his beloved Nell.

  • On 6/21/2010

    Edd Arroyo from LA, CA shared

    The steps to success begin with being humble enough to know that you need to learn. Coach Wooden just showed that. I never met Coach Wooden or saw him coaching, but I admire him just as if I had. The only time I've seen him was in one of the last interviews he gave to ABC TV and I was able to see his integrity, honesty, humility, and love for the game and for people. Coach Wooden you'll always be remembered.

  • On 6/21/2010

    Jack Oliver from Wichita, KS shared

    It all started when i was 10 playing basketball, i always wanted to play for him--over the years i have read so much about him , a great coach stays with you all your life- even if you didn't get to play at UCLA - he could be your coach.

  • On 6/20/2010

    Gil Guadron from Waukegan, IL shared

    I am a former basketball Coach from El Salvador, Central America. Reading your books, and notes of your Basketball clinics I found a way to improve not only as basketball Coach, but as person. Descanse en paz (rest in peace) maestro..

  • On 6/20/2010

    Gil Guadron from Waukegan, IL shared

    I am a former basketball Coach from El Salvador, Central America. Reading your books, and notes of your Basketball clinics I found a way to improve not only as basketball Coach, but as person. Descanse en paz (rest in peace) maestro..

  • On 6/20/2010

    Monica from Paso Robles, CA shared

    I have been visiting and posting to Coach's facebook wall since the day of his passing. I, as well as many others were struck with much sadness the day he passed. I know my basketball life will never be the same. I was hoping to someday meet and share a laugh or two with this great man. I believe in my heart that my son was there welcoming you into the gates of Heaven along with your lovely wife. Thank you for everything you have taught me Coach. You are my hero! I love you.

  • On 6/20/2010

    D Holman from Birmingham shared

    I never got to meet the coach but his books are awesome. He lives in all who use the books that made him such a winner.

  • On 6/19/2010

    Dan from San Diego, CA shared

    Thank you Coach! Your lessons on life will always be a foundation for my students of architecture school. Thanks for all your words of wisdom to take me through the good and the toughest times in life. You are my hero!!

  • On 6/19/2010

    Cynthia Bertematti from Woodland Hill, CA shared

    Coach Wooden...Simply said You were you "Best" there will never be someone who will come close to being the inspiration you were to so many people. You were my hero for half my life. Now you are in bliss with your beloved Nellie

  • On 6/19/2010

    Cindy Fernandez from Canoga Park, CA shared

    When my adopted daughter was 16 yrs. olds. She attended Coach Wooden?s basketball camp. She was an excellent basketball player, but was not selected to an elite travel team. She was devastated. Coach selected her as Camper of the Week. He changed her life and now she is a pediatrician. Coach has been my hero for over 35 years and I grieve his passing.

  • On 6/19/2010

    Alvina Ross Foshee from Amsterdam, NY shared

    I never really knew the coach, but while I was looking thru my basketball card collection, I sawed that I have the coach\'s gold trim Hall of Fame card. I was amazed when my friend Alex Perryman informed me that coach Wooden was one of the greats.

  • On 6/19/2010

    Andrea Sutton from DE shared

    My dad always told us "It takes 10 hands to make a basket" and I thought that was just his saying. When I got older and started to lead business teams, I realized it was Coach Wooden who coined the phrase. I have soaked up the John Wooden wisdom ever since and hope I can do it a little bit of justice as I move ahead with my teams. Thanks Coach. We'll miss you.

  • On 6/18/2010

    Bruce Wayne Gaines from Newport, RI shared

    Coach Wooden was and will always be my "spiritual grandfather". He was a master teacher who influences me every day. God bless you all!!

  • On 6/18/2010

    Tonya Boser from Virginia Beach, VA shared

    Being from Indiana myself, I played basketball and learned about Coach Wooden when I was very young. I was horrible at basketball, but found volleyball... a true love that I excelled at. Now, I coach Junior Olympic girls volleyball today. My girls study a different work, passage, message of Coach Wooden at every single practice. Coach Wooden's lessons and wisdom transcend basketball... and even coaching. His lessons have made me a better coach, wife, mother and person. Thank you Coach.

  • On 6/17/2010

    Jameson Ayotte from Amesbury, MA shared

    Among extraordinary people... Coach Wooden remains a giant. Coach Wooden's philosophy should be required study for any leader in any field. To his family, my condolences. To his friends, may you find peace in his passing, knowing he touched so many. To all, be sure to study his teachings. They will make you better leaders, coaches and most importantly, better people.

  • On 6/17/2010

    Brenda Mitchell from Centerton, IN shared

    My Grandmother was Letha Rothrock, a cousin to Coach Wooden. Through the years we have be proud to claim him as our own, his love of the Lord Jesus Christ is all inspiring. A few years ago, Coach signed a copy of "Inch and Miles" for my Grandson Justin, it is a treasure. I hope he is in the arms of his beloved wife in heaven.

  • On 6/17/2010

    Robbie Horwitz from Northridge, CA shared


  • On 6/17/2010

    Clement Lim from Singapore shared

    I missed Coach! Though I am staying thousand miles away, living in a tiny island called Singapore, his teaching has allowed me to know who God is in my life and my coaching. I missed Coach! I was at San Francisco 2 years ago, but somehow did not make an attempt to visit him. I missed Coach! Forever I am in-debted to him! May our gracious Lord bless his familiy.

  • On 6/16/2010

    Kimberly Rybczyk from Danbury, CT shared

    Every year before the basketball season begins, I sit down with a Coach Wooden book and read it as if I'm reading it again for the first time. And when I finish, I feel as if I learned something new once again. I do this not just to become a better coach but to become better at living life. His lessons were wise, his values strong, and his heart big. Coach Wooden, you will forever inspire me!

  • On 6/16/2010

    Alex from Clinton, TN shared

    I have never met Coach Wooden. I only met him through his books. I am a coach today at a middle school and I teach my boys every year the Wooden Pyramid and often quote Coach Wooden to them each day. I always tell them to play to the best of their abilities and the scoreboard will take care of itself. Thank you Coach Wooden on your words of wisdom. They are magical in teaching life to young boys.

  • On 6/16/2010

    Les Stevens from Jacksonville, IL shared

    I heard Coach Wooden speak twice and sought him out for an autograph each time. Years later, after I had had enough of coaching, my daughter, Jenny, met him at a Focus on the Family event. She saw in Coach Wooden the same things I saw - a sweet man, with great wisdom and humility who genuinely cared for his fellow man.

  • On 6/16/2010

    Frank Wiley from Albany, NY shared

    Coach Wooden taught me how to live, how to lead, how to teach, how to me a real man. I now teach Wooden to all my friends, my students, my employees, and colleagues. Most important, I teach Wooden to my family. I loved that man so much. In him I could see the face of GOD by the way he lived, and how he cared for others. Coach, I'm so happy that you are finally at home with the Father and with Nell-the best possible world-the best possible outcome, for the best possible man.

  • On 6/16/2010

    Philip Moore from Sweetwater, TN shared

    I would just like to express my condolences to the Wooden family. Coach Wooden was a huge role model for me growing up. I have learned so much from Coach Wooden and in turn used it to touch others in my life. One of Coach Wooden?s greatest quotes I try to incorporate as much as possible in my life. In honor of Coach, I challenge everyone to do the same! "You can't live a perfect day, without doing something for someone that will never be able to repay you" - Thanks Coach, God Bless You!

  • On 6/16/2010

    Ed Easterling from Blue Ridge, VA shared

    When I was 13 I became a fan of John Wooden. I am now 55 and his influence not only moved me but also my children and friends. From 1984 - 1997 I corresponded on and off with Coach Wooden. I have 7 letters that I have put away for safe keeping for my children when I pass on.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Jimmy Arnett from Texarkana, TX shared


  • On 6/15/2010

    Jake Heine from New York shared

    From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for everything you did for the game of basketball, but more importantly, for your contributions as a person and a role model. You are such a great person not because of your success on the court, but rather, for your success in life and the perspective you put the game of basketball in. You, more then anyone have taught me that basketball is a vessel to improve people's lives, to spread joy and to teach people lessons.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Andrew John Martinez from Belvedere, CA shared

    Your methods of teaching have always been what I have used through out my life as an assistant coach with my uncle, when I was young, to my playing days as an athlete. Later on as a head coach in five different sports. Then as a parent and husband with my wife inspiring whomever I would come in contact with to live a positive life with great results. May almighty God bless your soul and may your Pyramid of Success continue to make strides forward in peoples lives for centuries to come.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Kerry Koberg from Denver, CO shared

    "They Call me Coach" was my first introduction to Coach Wooden. I remember reading that book in college while I was a walk-on basketball player and devouring the content within. I had a chance to coach a 6th grade boys team last year and I shared with them the Pyramid of Success. The same pyramid hangs in my office as a motivation for me. I always hoped one day I would get a chance to shake his hand and thank him for all he has done. A true teacher and leader. We will miss him indeed.

  • On 6/15/2010

    John Maness from Charlotte, NC shared

    A good while back I read Coach Wooden\'s leadership books. I will keep and cherish it forever! His book sets up a great foundation of leadership. The biggest thing that stands out to me is his ethics and loyalty. They are second to none! Thanks Coach Wooden for showing what the "right" thing to do when facing anything! We will miss you.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Robert from New York, NY shared

    My fear is that, as a Nation, we may no longer produce one such as he. And then I look around and see so many quiet heroes, including the proud men and women of our Armed Services, and I realize that the spirit of John Wooden--and this great country--will never die. Rest in peace, sir.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Alex Dail from Tacoma, WA shared

    My dad and I were always fans of John Wooden. While I never met him his character has drawn me to appreciate him more and emulate in more in all that I do. It has profoundly affected how I teach physical education to kids.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Don from Washington, DC shared

    Thank you Coach for you! We do miss you, but know you?re with Nell! You guided me and help me grow-up! Thank you!

  • On 6/15/2010

    Lanien Delgado from Corona, CA shared

    My dad took me to my 1st UCLA game at Pauley in 1972 and I had the honor of meeting Coach for the 1st time. Although I was a 12 year old girl, he treated me with such respect and looked me in the eyes during our conversation. It really made an impact on me and I have loved and respected Coach since. Thank you Coach for the guidance and teachings you have bestowed upon me and all of us in the Bruin Nation and beyond. So happy you're with your beloved Nell. God Bless You Coach Wooden.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Derek from NY, NY shared

    I thank Coach Wooden for everything he has done for me. Although I have never met him, he is one of the greatest influences in my life. I strive to be as great of a human being as he was and attempt to make everyday my masterpiece.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Johan from Sweden shared

    I am managing a chemical R-D department here in Sweden. Mr Wooden has influenced the way I approach my job a great deal. It says a lot about how generic and profound his insights are.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Oliver Lamothe from Miami, FL shared

    I was listening to a Tony Robbins tape and he talked about Coach John Wooden. I started to read Coach?s pyramid of success and his 12 lessons in leadership, make me want to make change in my life. R.I.P John Wooden

  • On 6/15/2010

    Mrs. J Thistle from England shared

    You ran the race exceedingly well, never faltering, always focusing on the most important values which helped to transform the characters and lives of so many. John Wooden a truly special man of God, thank you from my heart for all that you shared - my life too has been impacted through your inspirational work, both as a person and a coach. God Bless.

  • On 6/15/2010

    Himanshu from India shared

    Thanks for the lessons of faith and dignity coach. Now that you are in the kingdom of heaven with Nell you can watch down on us forever. I strive to be as great a man as you, not just in accomplishments, but in character.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Juli from Cave Creek, AZ shared

    I aimed my sights on acceptance to UCLA when I was about 12 years old based on the reputation and attention that Coach John Wooden brought to the institution. My life is forever changed and always magical because of those UCLA experiences! Thanks Coach for many many blessings I am forever in debt to your legacy!

  • On 6/14/2010

    Kelly Carlstrom from Lewiston, ID shared

    "Remember this your lifetime through, tomorrow there will be more to do. Failure waits for those who stay, with some success made yesterday, tomorrow you must try once more and even hard than before." I thank the Lord for an example like Coach Wooden. I am a Boys and Girls Club professional, its amazing how basketball was a tool for Coach Wooden and his life lessons, fundamentals and truths. They are timeless and useful for all areas of life.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Dan from St. Petersburg, FL shared

    Charles Barkley said years ago that role models should not be athletes, but parents and such. But Coach Wooden was my role model and will remain my role model for as long as I live.

  • On 6/14/2010

    John Alastra from Columbus, OH shared

    I was born in 1975, but Coach Wooden's legacy, influence, and impact affected me deeply. For instance, his "pyramid of success" and "seven point creed" are great examples of how his teachings affected me in a positive manner. From what I have read and heard about him he was truly a great coach and teacher, but more importantly he was a great human being.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Bruce Haldors from Redmond, WA shared

    My own father passed away Memorial Day and he was a hero to me due to his selflessness and grace. Coach Wooden passing away days later was another reminder to me of what a Godly life of graciousness and humility looks like. Coach Wooden is a great example of a Godly leader whose influence will be felt for generations. My prayers are with his family and may God Bless them.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Mackenzie from Martinsville, IN shared

    Thank you coach for all that you've done! I remember in elementary school where Mr. Wooden went for his younger years. Only a select few students got to listen to the wise words of Coach Wooden. He taught us all soooo many about life and gave us all inspiration to strive for so much more than what is to be expected. He will be greatly missed by not only his friends and family, but also his hometown folks and hundreds and thousands of people who were touched by him.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Caton Hill from Afghanistan shared

    I got a hold of John Wooden's Pyramid of Success when I was in middle school. I made my own and hung it over my bed on my ceiling so I could look at it every night before I went to bed. It had great impact on me throughout my sporting career and influences me in my everyday life. He was phenomenal and true.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Roger from Highlands Ranch, CO shared

    If you have never coached a sport, particularly basketball, you may never understand the greatness of Coach. Only when I started coaching did I understand truly the knowledge and wisdom of this man. The world has lost a treasure that will never be replaced, but at least his memory will remain.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Matthew Moore from Mount Vernon, OH shared

    Coach Wooden was a great inspiration and friend over the past ten years for me. I recently got my first head coaching position at the college level and coach told me, "keep it simple and be patient!" He always had perfect timing and the words to go with it! I will miss you coach!

  • On 6/14/2010

    Barry Melvin from Raleigh, NC shared

    Thank you Coach for showing us all what it means to be true winners. Your words and ideals will live on in the hearts and minds of all you've touched. "Fair winds and following seas."

  • On 6/14/2010

    Jeremy Yates from Woodstock, Ontario, Canada shared

    In a recent quest to improve myself as a basketball coach I discovered Wooden\'s Practical Modern Basketball and his recent publication with Swen Nater which have greatly improved my coaching of the game. More importantly in reading Coach's philosophy on coaching and leadership and his vision of success I have become an improved man. It should not be forgotten that above all his outstanding achievements Wooden stands apart for his contributions in providing the guidance to make us better people.

  • On 6/14/2010

    Jeff from Shrewsbury, MA shared

    I never met Coach Wooden. Reading his books have made me a better coach, husband and father. He is one of the rare coaches that gave his players knowledge that go far beyond the basketball court into live after sports. Most big time coaches today seem to be more concerned with wins and losses and not as much as the process to get there. Coach Wooden would deserve all the attention he got even if he didn't win a single NCAA Championship. Thank you for all your words of wisdom.

  • On 6/13/2010

    Randy Olson from Scottsdale, AZ shared

    Just about the time my passion for basketball was blooming in northern Illinois, Coach Wooden and the Bruins were winning their first national championship. From that time until now Coach Wooden has been a special hero in my life. His writing, players, teams, and wisdom continue to influence and inspire! What a precious gift from God to the world!

  • On 6/13/2010

    Roderick Simmons from Agoura Hills, CA shared

    God bless you Coach Wooden. You lived a life exemplary of a true role model. I have utilized your teachings to become a better Christian, husband, father and coach. I also impart those same lessons to my children and players that they would realize the delicate balance of confidence, ambition, fight, industriousness and ambition on one hand and friendship, loyalty, integrity and Faith on the other to be leaders and achieve competitive greatness in any and all endeavors.

  • On 6/13/2010

    George from Boston shared

    More than a coach, a leader of life lessons that form great people, not players.

  • On 6/13/2010

    Valerie Avalos from South Gate, CA shared

    I'm a 17 year old that loves volleyball and sports in general. I love them because they allow you to see what a person is really made of. It takes more then just talent, it takes character. It takes being prepared mentally, physically, whole heartedly, and spiritually in order to achieve the best you can do. I have a deep admiration for you because you have substance and you lead by example. Through your love of sports, you also taught us how to be a better person.

  • On 6/13/2010

    Tom from Westlake Village, CA shared

    I took my son to games at Pauley every chance I could and was delighted to see Coach Wooden in the stands in the same spot nearly every time. No one was hounding him for his autograph or scores of students streaming by him for a glimpse of the man. He was just a man watching a college basketball game. Oh what a man he was...Thanks Coach Wooden for teaching us all that is good.

  • On 6/13/2010

    Paul Bird from Huntington, WV shared

    Since the time I attended UCLA ('53-'57) there has been no one I have more admired than Coach Wooden. I was so glad to see him become a giant among his peers - yet he remained always so gentle in spirit, humble, gracious. He is my brother-in-Christ and I rejoice I will see him again in heaven!

  • On 6/13/2010

    Paul Buyer from Clemson, SC shared

    I heard Coach Wooden speak in Atlanta at a John Maxwell leadership conference. He talked about competition and his definition of success and I realized how different he was from any other coach and leader I had ever met or read about. It is just incredible to hear his philosophies on leadership, excellence, and success from someone who has accomplished so much. Thank you Coach, for touching all our lives and inspiring us to think differently.

  • On 6/13/2010

    Coach JR from Veedersburg, IN shared

    "COACH" Wooden sent me a response to a letter I wrote him, THANKING him for all he gave to many people, and I told him how honored I was to have met him years ago. The world would be near perfect if all could live by living as "COACH" lived- always a Teacher ! Thanks again, as I believe he is now with his best friend and wife,Nell.

  • On 6/13/2010

    David Pierce from San Antonio, TX shared

    You taught us about the greatest game, life. Basketball was second. In SA, there was not much going on, and having a working tv was a plus. I was glued to it watching the greatest run of all time! From Kareem to Bill. This was my era. I read a book by you when I was in college, and wondered why more coaches did not take your teachings to heart. Bless you and I hope to meet you, when my time comes. Sincerely, Dave

  • On 6/13/2010

    Mark Hennager from Sacramento, CA shared

    I have only "met" Coach a few times but have lived with his legend, his words, his books and, though he retired when I was 3, his games my whole life. His influence on my father and subsequent influence on me is now being gradually passed on to my sons. It was one of the saddest birthdays I can remember, last June 4, but it past quickly as I recalled your grace and humility every time we ?met?. God bless you Coach.

  • On 6/13/2010

    Colleen from Santa Barbara, CA shared

    Coach Wooden's UCLA teams have been blessed by being firsthand recipients of his goodness, dignity and knowledge of basketball. The rest of us have been blessed by having him grace this earth. He certainly is one of a kind. Thank you, Coach. You will be missed.

  • On 6/12/2010

    Rudy from Los Angeles, CA shared

    I had the great privilege of meeting Coach Wooden at book signing several years ago. What a gracious and humble man he was. He truly will be missed.

  • On 6/12/2010

    Timothy Taber from Reston, VA shared

    Coach Wooden have touch me so deep in ways I cannot even say. I can honestly say not many people can touch you in a way without even meeting them. I reflect on this daily.....I have witness two saints in my time....The first is Pope Paul John II (I am not Catholic) 2) John Wooden...Two amazing people! Take Care Coach!

  • On 6/12/2010

    Marco Garavaglia from Sterling Heights, MI shared

    Dear Sir, The Buddha could not have taught any better than you and his works contain over 10,000 sutras. It is an honor to have lived in your era and a shame that all of humanity wasn't taught your lessons. I pray for your family's well being. Thank you so much, A Life Long Admirer

  • On 6/12/2010

    Juan Ruiz from Lares, P.R. shared

    WOW. I've learned so much from Coach Wooden. Learn to love the game, to teach my players not only in the court. Teach them to be good students, sons and humans. Every coach may see him like a mentor and try to reach his understanding of the life. Thanks Coach.

  • On 6/12/2010

    Jerry from Standish, ME shared

    You inspired millions with your faith and common sense. I know God welcomed a good son to Heaven when you passed.

  • On 6/12/2010

    Gil Hyatt from Van Nuys, CA shared

    I always admired Coach Wooden, growing up while UCLA was winning their fantastic NCAA Championships, but "Coach" was so much more than the titles. He wasn't my teacher, however I learned so very much from him. I was so lucky to have met him a few times and was very approachable. He took the time to sign my copy of "My Personal Best" and I will always cherish my book as one of my favorite possessions. R.I.P. Coach Wooden

  • On 6/12/2010

    John Ketchmark from Encino, CA shared

    Coach Wooden was one of the most influential individuals in my high school athletic days in Illinois in the 1980's. Although I never met him and I regret that because I found out recently that I live nearby. My father is a great fan of Coach Wooden and his admiration for the Coach rubbed off on me at a young age. I read his books as a young boy. He was a great human being!

  • On 6/12/2010

    Rick from Byron, MN shared

    May God bless the Wooden family. I will always remember watching his team play hard. I was lucky enough to hear him speak at a basketball conference in Minneapolis. What a thrill that was. Thank you for all of your life long lessons that I have learned from you and your books.

  • On 6/12/2010

    Palomoa Polson from London, England shared

    Coach you have been the inspiration of so many people around the world, we are all going to miss you but your legacy will carry on . God Bless you and rest in peace

  • On 6/12/2010

    Felecia from Huntington Beach, CA shared

    My husband waited 3 hrs in line at Barnes and Noble during his children's book signing. When we got to him, I could see how much he enjoyed chatting with my young twins . We took a family photo with him that we will cherish forever along with the autographed copies of Inches and Miles that he signed and addressed to both of my children. He is the greatest coach of all time especially the way he coached us how to live life well. He taught it and he lived it. RIP, Coach.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Skip Brock from Mount Vernon, MO shared

    Coach Wooden was a major reason that I chose a career as a high school teacher and basketball coach. His influence on my life started in 7th grade when my parents gave me a copy of "They call me Coach". I knew the moment I finished reading the book that I wanted to be like John Wooden. That influence has and will always continue. Thanks Coach for your Godly example!

  • On 6/11/2010

    Rafael from Baton Rouge, LA shared

    Thank you coach, You have been a great inspiration of all that is good in sports, and sportsmanship. I have used you as a mentor, to hopefully instill in the young men and women that I have coached, the values of your pillars of life. Thank you again

  • On 6/11/2010

    Pam Shattles from Powder Springs, GA shared

    While I never got to meet Coach Wooden in person, I have been using his Wooden book since 1998 to inspire many others. He has inspired me to the core and while saddened he had to leave us, I rejoice in his meetings in heaven. He is the truest hero and role model anyone could have asked for on this earth and I am better for having found his little blue book on a shelf and for what he has taught me through his lessons for all these years and even more to come!

  • On 6/11/2010

    Gene C from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Coach Wooden, rest in peace. It is written that if you feed a man a fish you have fed him for a day, Coach Wooden taught us all how to fish so that we can navigate life. His presence will be surely missed but it is our calling to subscribe to and follow his teachings. We have truly lost a giant of a figure but his lessons remain for us to follow. God Bless.

  • On 6/11/2010

    John Odland from Costa Mesa shared

    John Wooden was a class act and role model for me as I aspire daily to serve others through coaching and health and wellness. The Pyramid of Success has made a great impact on my life and shaped so many areas of my life to make me a better Father, Man, and servant. My desire is to live a life that emulates all he did for others. Thank You John.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Matthew Tuthill from Austin, TX shared

    In 2007, I attended a Boy Scout fundraising event in W. Palm Beach, FL, and Bill Walton was the keynote speaker. Mr. Walton highlighted Coach Wooden's Pyramid and I became very interested in learning more. In fact, I read Coach Wooden's Playbook and keep a copy of the Pyramid on my office wall. I enjoy his work and hearing all the good things about him. A real stand-up guy.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Karen from Riverside, CA shared

    My thoughts go out to his family and friends. May God comfort you. I have used Coach Wooden's pyramid in my fifth grade classroom and he will be immortalized for all time to come. Thank you so much Coach Wooden for valuable lessons that are worth more than gold! Thank you. ;-)

  • On 6/11/2010

    Doug from Parowan, UT shared

    As a high school coach i only hope i can be half the coach and person he was, I have always read and listened to all he has said what a great man. He will be missed!

  • On 6/11/2010

    Doug Williams from Solana Beach, CA shared

    He is a man that truly understood that its not the final destination that is the ultimate goal but instead it is the path we take and the wake we leave that is most important. Then to take that path with a humble approach of a patient and forgiveness in knowing there will be failings along the way makes him a model that we can all learn from. We all can take away a lot from coach wooden but if all people of the world just took just a little then imagine the world we would live in.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Chet Byerly from El Campo, TX shared

    Next to my parents, Coach Wooden was the most important mentor I've had in my life. He was the greatest role-model anyone could hope for. Hopefully, I will be able to reflect some of his outstanding character traits as a father to my children.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Sam Bunch from Torrance, CA shared

    Coach taught us all how to put our socks and shoes on at his basketball camps in the summers of '68 and '69. Coach recognized that no one is perfect but taught us all to strive for perfection none the less. Coach has finally reached "Competitive Greatness" when he joined his beloved Nell and his perfect Savior Jesus Christ. Coach and the Pyramid of Success - the 8th wonder of the world.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Andy from Torrance, CA shared

    Thank you John Wooden for everything. You will forever live in the hearts of everyone.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Paula Platoff from Studio City, CA shared

    In 1972, I was walking into Ackerman Student Union's Treehouse for breakfast just as basketball practice ended and the players were rushing in. I was jostled by the players....and Coach Wooden called them back to tell them that as gentlemen, he expected them to be polite to ladies at all times. He invited me to walk into the Treehouse, escorted by the entire team. Coach Wooden was a brilliant basketball coach, of course, but an even better Life Coach. May he rest in peace.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Derrick Lockhart from Springfield, VA shared

    His life reminds us that a coach is much more than a teacher of x's and o's. Our Nation has truly lost Great American, statesman, teacher, author, and molder of men.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Ross Frauman from Mission Viejo, CA shared

    I remember watching UCLA vs. USC in my bedroom and swishing a pair of socks into a trash basket just like Sidney Wickes had done. Coach Wooden introduced me to basketball but more importantly over the years introduced me to a way of life - to strive to be the best but always caring for others while doing so. Thank you coach for all that you have given to millions of fans - fans of your teachings and of your philosophies.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Pablo Camacho from Espana (Sevilla) shared

    Mr. Coach John Wooden, I read all his books and articles. You always reminded me that the comprehensive education of our players should be one of our main objectives. We always give thanks to God for having found in those books, it has meant a lot to me. You have been a teacher and guide in my way as a coach, his words have been with me forever: effort, respect, loyalty, teamwork. Thanks for always giving us both for so little. God bless you always.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Brandon from Costa Mesa, CA shared

    Thank you Coach Wooden for your faith, your integrity, and your love for people. Thank you for your example of how a man should live his life. Thank you.

  • On 6/11/2010

    Christy from Newport Beach, CA shared

    I am proud to say that I once was fortunate enough to see him in person. His wisdom has positively affected the climate of my school over the years with his Pyramid of Success. He leaves a legacy that will live on for many generations to come. Thank you so much, Coach!

  • On 6/10/2010

    Rod Greenfield from Visalia, CA shared

    "We have given them a foundation. Now it is up to them to improve the structure." is a quote I have on my wall in my fifth grade classroom. It's my favorite quote from Coach Wooden and a daily reminder of why I teach.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Sean from NY, NY shared

    Thanks for the lessons of faith and dignity coach. Now that you are in the kingdom of heaven with Nell you can watch down on us forever. I strive to be as great a man as you, not just in accomplishments, but in character.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Sylvia Crasnick from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Dear Nan and Jim: My husband and I have been attending UCLA basketball games since he started UCLA in January, 1948. We felt like we knew Coach personally - always gracious, never refusing to autograph whatever we had to be signed. Our hearts are with you and your families. May Coach rest in peace, now with his beloved Nell. Sylvia and Gerry Crasnick

  • On 6/10/2010

    Kurt from Bad Axe, MI shared

    I have long looked up to Coach Wooden in my experiences of coaching, teaching, living, and now in parenting. As great a humanitarian as a he was a coach, Coach Wooden will hold a place as one of the most complete individuals of the human race; Ever, not only this century, but of any in recorded time; He?s that "perfect an icon". The quality of the human civilization on this planet was reduced in his passing. God Bless you "Coach"

  • On 6/10/2010

    Marco A Sandoval from Lawndale, CA shared

    Coach Wooden, Although we never met, in my life I have looked for you to give me direction. So I would read your work. I have used your communication style to teach my young athletes about the game they play and on life. Thank you for you direct yet thoughtful approach on how to live life on life terms.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Jim Reschke from Carlsbad, CA shared

    Like John Wooden, I also grew up in the Heartland of this great Country, Chicago. His many thoughts and writings I identify with and embrace. John reminds me of my roots and I am very proud to say he is like my Father. I have tried to live my life as he has expressed. I have also passed them on to my Family and Grandchildren because the Wooden way is the right way. Rest in Peace my friend.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Kevin McDermott from Marietta, GA shared

    Coach Wooden thank you for helping all of us see how life really should be lived. You loved learning, teaching, basketball, and people. You stayed true to all that you loved and that is your legacy to all of us who admired you. My son is now a teacher and a coach and as he grew thru the years your wisdom helped me to teach him some of life's lessons for that I am truly grateful.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Brenda Middleton from North Charleston, SC shared

    To the Wooden Family, I would like to express to you my heartfelt sympathy during this time of bereavement. I love Coach Wooden's concepts on life and living. May God Bless you and keep you is my prayer.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Gregg Stedronsky from Chaska, MN shared

    Over the past few days my middle son Evan and I have been watching YouTube videos of Coach and talking about his lessons and my experience and time spent with him. After watching the "Little Chap" video he turned to me and unexpectedly said "He was like a perfect man . . . he's my role model". Isn't that great? My family has been so influenced by Coach .

  • On 6/10/2010

    Larry Bock from Moorpark, CA shared

    I attended one of Coach Wooden's Basketball Camps 35 years ago and still vividly remember the experience. Everyone got their picture taken with Coach and I still have it today. About 15 years ago I attended a luncheon that he was speaking at. I brought the "camp picture" and he autographed it for me and took another picture with me holding it up. I treasure that picture to this today. Thank you Coach.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Jeff Gray from Aberdeen, NJ shared

    May God bless the Wooden family. Coach was a godly man, and was a champion who made each day his masterpiece.

  • On 6/10/2010

    John from Riverside, CA shared

    My dad played for Coach. About 8 years ago I was having a tough time at work and my dad offered some Wooden advice. He told me to control the things I can and don't worry about things I have no control over. A restful calm came over me and I have felt quite successful in education.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Victor Li from CA shared

    Your presence will always be felt to the ones you have touched, and your legend will never die. It will never be possible to thank you enough. Your wisdom is all I will ever need to live my life, Coach Wooden.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Ron Jennings from Sedalia, MO shared

    Take it from this tried-and-true University of Missouri sports fan - the impact of Coach Wooden covered far, far more than just the boundaries of the basketball court. The 12 championships cited at the end of this page only begin to scratch the surface of his influence on my life. I have several of his books and am eagerly awaiting his final one. I put you on the same hi-plane as the late M.U. Don Faurot and Dan Devine.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Melissa from Encino, CA shared

    Coach Wooden was our neighbor. It was a pleasure to see him almost every day out and about our building. One day my nephew was with us in his baseball uniform and Coach Wooden saw him. He reached in his pocket, pulled out a coin and gave to him. He told him it was a lucky penny so he would have good luck in his game that day. We will really miss him.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Lee from Leeds, Yorkshire, UK shared

    I am a motivational speaker in schools here in the UK and Coach John Wooden has been a constant source of inspiration for me, my talks and my love of basketball! His quote "Success is peace of mind in knowing YOU did YOUR best to be the best YOU are capable of becoming" is my favorite quote to use in schools. It is simply brilliant - where else do you hear about peace of mind in this day and age? Real wisdom from a truly great man. Sorry I didn't get to meet you Coach, Rest in peace, Lee.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Dominick from Fort Lauderdale, FL shared

    The world may never have another John Wooden. I grew up in LA with a passion for basketball, played ball with many of those he coached and although I was not gifted enough to play for him, over the years he became my coach as well. Perhaps more than anyone, I have tried to live my life according to his messages of love and happiness. Thank you Coach

  • On 6/10/2010

    Larry Dickinson from Sacramento, CA shared

    To Coach and his Family: I just wanted to say thanks for all of the teachings that have meant so much to me in my professional career. You set a challenging example to follow, but I find your words an inspiration to me everyday. I am saddened by your loss but happy to know that Coach Wooden is with his beloved Nell once again. I bid you peace.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Terry from Henderson, NC shared

    Coach Wooden has left a lasting impact on many people by the example of life that he lived. I hope that many people can reflect on his sayings and apply those to their lifestyle. Thank you for the way you helped others and the humility that you displayed. God Bless

  • On 6/10/2010

    Tom Gordy from New Orleans, LA shared

    UCLA played in the Sugar Bowl basketball tournament in New Orleans when I was in high school. It was great seeing the players and Coach Wooden in person. He has been an inspiration to me all my life and I have tried to pass his wisdom on to my sons. We all will miss him. Thanks for being YOU, Coach Wooden!

  • On 6/10/2010

    Mike Craig from San Diego, CA shared

    Thank you for inspiring so many to be so great...

  • On 6/10/2010

    Gregg from San Diego, CA shared

    It's hard to put into words my feelings on the passing of such a great man as Coach Wooden was and always will be to so many..If all of us were half the person coach was the world would be a much better place..My prayers and thoughts go out to his family and the many who were blessed to know and learned from him..It\'s comforting to know he is now by the side of the one he loved the most, Nell..

  • On 6/10/2010

    Cori Williams from Grand Rapids, MI shared

    Thank you Coach Wooden for all you have done. You have been a true inspiration to me, not only as a coach, but for my personal life as well. Your legacy will live on forever, and you will be greatly missed here.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Chris Collins from Nashville, TN shared

    Thank you Coach Wooden for "walking the walk". Your words of wisdom will live on in the many lives you touched.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Randall from Dallas, TX shared

    A TRUE ROLE Model...The Pyramid f Success is more relevant than ever! Thank You Coach.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Tom Buffett from East Lansing, MI shared

    Thank you Coach Wooden. You have improved our character.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Chris from Columbus, CA shared

    As a young coach, I unfortunately never had the opportunity to meet Coach Wooden but with that said he has shaped my coaching style more than anyone. His words and coaching style will never be duplicated. All we can do is strive to be as close to Coach Wooden as possible. He was a GREAT man!

  • On 6/10/2010

    Julius Davis from Atlanta, GA shared

    I only knew Coach Wooden through his books - but oh what an influence for being a Christian, Husband, Father, and a "Prince of a Man" as my 89-year-old Aunt says. Please know Wooden family what an example that he has been to me. I am in corporate management, and use his management style to love and lead my team. More importantly, what a Christian example for loving one's family. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to share these thoughts. GOD Bless You Coach Wooden!

  • On 6/10/2010

    Jon Drucker from Los Angeles, CA shared

    From age 9 till I graduated UCLA in 1976, I loved Bruin basketball. Their self-control, poise and confidence were conspicuous. The desire to do their best, no matter the score, was evident, and the humility yet more glaring. With these memories, I have often channeled Wooden?s teams in my professional life as a lawyer. Later, seeing his Pyramid of Success, I realized I had learned almost all of it just by watching his teams play; I soaked-in Wooden?s lessons weekly for 12 years. Thanks, Coach.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Ralph Cooper from Los Angeles, CA shared

    To the family of coach Wooden, most of us never had the pleasure or privilege of meeting coach Wooden, but I have always held him on the highest esteem and respect. Certainly for his basketball accomplishment, but more so for his example of living a Christian life of love and holding fast to his conviction. I rejoice by faith in the knowledge that being absent from the body is being present with the LORD AMEN

  • On 6/10/2010

    Jean Marc Dosquet from Andrimont - Belgium shared

    All has been said by people who were close to Coach Wooden. His words and quotes will remain. We just need to follow them. Thanks for sharing with us your experience. You will remain but we will miss you. We need more people like him.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Adam from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Words cannot even describe how great of a person he was. He was a true role model and hero for many people including myself. I am saddened for his loss but I will live my life in accordance to his Pyramid of Success. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Glen from Los Angeles, CA shared

    I had the privilege to attend Coach Wooden's basketball camp and even as a young basketball player I knew that Coach was more concerned with developing young minds and character than basketball players. If we could be successful young men with good character and work habits he knew winning would come to each and every one of us whether we won the game or not. Thank you Coach for your selfless gifts you gave us all.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Coach Rick from Lucena City, Philippines shared

    Hard to know what to write about a man who meant so much to so many. Here in the Philippines his wit and wisdom, and more importantly stories of how he lived his life on earth, are taught. That I think is the greatest compliment. He was after all a teacher.

  • On 6/10/2010

    Caesar Burgess from Lithonia, GA shared

    Coach Wooden is one of the greatest teachers this country has ever produced. He started out teaching basketball and ended up teaching life. Thank you Coach for sharing yourself to us with your books which truly defines what balance and love is all about. I?m a high school basketball coach in GA and because of Coach Wooden I know the meaning of SUCCESS.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Tim Harper from San Francisco, CA shared

    When my son was young, Coach Wooden gave me a poem about raising sons. I have tried to stay true to those words.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Denise Carrejo from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Thank you John Wooden for everything. Rest In Peace.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Joe Pounds from Bolingbrook, IL shared

    Coach, I want to thank you for being you and maintaining values that we all should have. I wish I could have met you. I hope to be just like you and will do my very best to install your wisdom into any children I should have. Thank you and you will be missed.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Mary Bush from San Diego, CA shared

    Coach, you have been and will continue to be a valuable resource and inspiration in sport and in life. Thank you!

  • On 6/09/2010

    Marco from NYC, NY shared

    Although I never knew you personally, I've always admired you, your thinking, and approach to life's journey. Thanks Coach for your continual guidance and inspiration to be the best father, husband, and person I can be.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Frank from Indianapolis, IN shared

    What a contrast. Two Johns grew up within a few miles of each other around the same time. John Wooden and John Dillinger. I try everyday to live up to Coach?s standards in life. Wow - what a task he has left us. I have bicycled down to the house he grew up in. I made a screen saver of all of his sayings and see them everyday. He touched me deeply. He strove to reach perfection in basketball and in life. I think in life he was perfection. We will miss you dearly Coach.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Bill Moraes from Sao Paulo, Brazil shared

    Thank you very much Mr. Wooden, for sharing the cornerstone of leadership, based on character and principles. My life as human being has changed since I had the blessing of knowing your words and experience thru your deep work. Your books gave my family and my teams an incredible opportunity for growth. God bless you, ever.

  • On 6/09/2010

    CB from Wisconsin shared

    John Wooden was admired by so many. I watched him coach in the 1970's, and was impressed by his love for his team and his ability to help change boys to men. I married a coach and he has many of the same qualities like Coach Wooden. Every girl should be so lucky to find a great man to live their life with. Nell was a lucky lady and so am I.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Chef Darwin Christian from Chicago, IL shared

    To the Wooden family and to the spirit of Coach Wooden himself........Thank you sir. Job well done!!!!!! Rest In Peace

  • On 6/09/2010

    Steven Greif from Cedar Rapids, IA shared

    I never had the pleasure of meeting Coach Wooden, but I have read many of his books and have worn out several copies of "They call me Coach." Truly more than a great coach, a great man and developer of great men and women. We need more Coach Woodens in this world.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Jose Lorenzo Ochoa from El Paso, TX shared

    Coach Wooden: Your grace, elegance, and unbridled love for humanity will be the benchmarks of your being, and you will continue to inspire me as both an educator, and also a human being. Heaven is now a better place.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Richard from Denver, CO shared

    I had the privilege of meeting Coach Wooden at a baptism in Huntington Beach, CA several years ago. I introduced myself to him and told him how much I admired all that he personified. He shook my hand and thanked me for my kind words. His handshake was so warm and sincere that it left me feeling glad I got to share that moment with him.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Kristi Staley from Newton, TX shared

    I appreciate what Coach Wooden stood for and how he lived his life on a daily basis. He was dedicated to his faith and family. He is what you would call GOOD PEOPLE. Our prayer should be that everyone should live their life as he did. What a world we would have. Thanks for inspiring me. May the peace of Jesus be with his loved ones.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Shannon from Holland, PA shared

    Hi! I'm in 4th grade. We studied leadership all year and John Wooden was a guy we studied a lot. In fact my teacher wrote ?Make Each Day Your Masterpiece? in permanent writing on the wall!!!!

  • On 6/09/2010

    Steve Yarnell from Minoa, NY shared

    Coach, you were my first and best coaching/life role model as a father and coach! Whenever I think about you, see your picture, or read from one of your books, I learn something new and feel better for it. Ever since my first coaches clinic in Newton, Mass. in 1973, you graciously allowed me to have my picture taken with you. The picture still holds a special place of honor on our family mantle-piece and will forever. Thank you for everything Coach and may God bless you and Nell! Peace

  • On 6/09/2010

    Josh Palmer from Portland, OR shared

    Coach, you will always be remembered. I never got to see Wooden coach a game, but I can say that his philosophies on coaching and living life helped to shape me as a man. I was always a huge fan/student of the game, and no one gave more integrity to any sport than Wooden did for basketball. He was a true philanthropist! Will never forget you coach!

  • On 6/09/2010

    Jeff Chin from Fresno, CA shared

    As a young and inexperienced basketball coach, it was just natural for me to use Coach Wooden's quotes, teachings, examples, etc. Little did I know at the time that all those things had less to do with basketball than they did about life and how to live properly. Thank you Coach. You were a blessing to our generation. I know the first thing you heard when you arrived home was, "Well done good and faithful servant."

  • On 6/09/2010

    Dan Church from Toronto, ON, Canada shared

    Coach Wooden made a huge impact on my coaching practice and has been a major influence on shaping my coaching philosophy. As an educator, teacher, and coach myself, I aspire to have the impact on young people that Coach Wooden had on so many. He was truly a gifted coach but more importantly a great man. I am so thankful that Coach Wooden's teachings and saying will live on, on this website, in books, and in the hearts of the millions he touched. Thanks Coach!

  • On 6/09/2010

    Aaron Buck from Ithaca, NY shared

    I teach orchestra to middle school and elementary students. I believe in all that Coach Wooden taught. I use these principles in my own life and my teaching of music. It has made a enormous difference in both. I thank him for what he left us! God Bless Coach Wooden!!

  • On 6/09/2010

    John Epple from Troy, MI shared

    I met Coach Wooden at my first ever basketball clinic in Southfield, Michigan. He graciously signed his book for me. He felt very humble and pleased that I had an interest in him and his accomplishments. I would bring out his poster "Pyramid to Success" for all my players to read. I was inspired by Coach at that clinic and will always remember him. God Bless his family and I send my prayers today.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Richard Nichols from Naples, FL shared

    "Well Done" those are the words you heard a few short days ago as you entered into a day that will not end, in Glory. The witness of your priorities and life, more so than your remarkable basketball success will exist in this world for a good long time! Thanks Coach.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Merissa from Florida shared

    Hi i am a really big fan of John Wooden and know that he is gone i will always remember him and most important I will remember how a great person and leader he was.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Mitch Ede from Columbia, IL shared

    Coach made my students and I better people through his teachings. I simply hope I can be half the person he was to the many people he touched.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Bob Troiano from Daytona Beach, FL shared

    A rare man who lived the way he taught others to live and succeed. He was genuine and honest, humble and the greatest coach who ever walked the planet. He never had to yell, curse to get through to those he taught. He had no vices nor cheated on his wife, a great living example of how men ought to be. Thank you John and rest well.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Brent Peterson from Pasadena, CA shared

    Coach, I just want to thank you for being the reason that I am a teacher. Your inspiration changed my life, I don't know where I would be without you. Thank You.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Manuel from San Dimas, CA shared

    I had the privilege to see coach 3 times. No man has had a bigger influence in my life outside of my father than Coach Wooden. I must admit although I didn't know him and he probably didn't remember shaking my hand taking a picture and autographing the photo and books, I felt as if I lost a major part of my life this week. Yet, I am not sad b/c Coach is w/ Nell and after all he's given god has finally given him his ultimate gift, no man deserves more than Coach Wooden.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Bryan K Spencer from Atlanta, GA shared

    Thank you for the life that you lived. I hope that I can inspire and impact the lives of my family and those that I coach as you did.

  • On 6/09/2010

    Andy from Goldsboro, NC shared

    Coach Wooden, Thank you for the strength you've given everyone and also myself none the less. Your inspiration and perception on life made us all better people to live a life with more happiness and peace!

  • On 6/09/2010

    John Bino from Dubai, UAE shared

    Coach Wooden, even though I didn't know you personally or professionally, your interview with Tony Robbins got me all fired up. And the best thing of all, I found my purpose of life. I was asking the Lord to reveal my purpose, and he revealed it through your life's example. Thank you Coach and give my hugs and regards to HIM.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Billy from Melbourne, Australia shared

    For your humanity, your poise, and your incredible wisdom and good will, thank you. May you always rest in peace.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Tom May from Seattle, WA shared

    In 1987 Coach Wooden was in Vancouver, Washington to give a speech. The next day before he left for the airport, he had breakfast with the organizers of the speech. Four of us sat with him for two hours. At the end of that time, I realized that I had been in the presence of greatness and that it had nothing to do with basketball.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Lauris Lee from Cary, NC shared

    Thanks for all that you have given us and continue to give us.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Willie W Cooper II from Fayetteville, NC shared

    I started following Coach Wooden as a kid, watching UCLA win NCAA basketball championships. As an Air Force Colonel I have used a lot of his concepts to lead various units and to develop leaders. To my knowledge, I have never been within 200 miles of Coach, but I have always heard him loud and clear.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Rhonda Rayborn from Brookhaven, MS shared

    John Wooden left big shoes to fill. He spent a life time teaching how to live a better life. He was important to Basketball but he spent his life talking not about basketball but about how to become a great person. If you are a coach, please know that the world still needs you to make the world better one athlete at a time. Be quick but don\'t hurry. See you in Heaven, COACH.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Jim B Chua from Adelaide, South Australia shared

    Ever since I left high school in 1973, I stumbled on John Wooden's first book which left an indelible impression on me by his inspirational quotes, core values, words of wisdom and his one-liners continue to propel my life till today. I am what I am today is the "seeds" he had sown in my life. I finished my graduate school, achieved my career goals and achieved " success" in life as defined by Coach Wooden. Thanks Coach..!

  • On 6/08/2010

    Martha from Fullerton, CA shared

    I grew up following UCLA basketball, even though I lived in Wa. state. I was inspired by Coach Wooden and read all of his books. I met Coach Wooden on several occasions and he always made me feel at ease even though I was nervous meeting an icon. He will truly be missed! Rest in Peace, Coach and thank you for all that you did. Your messages and teaching will live on forever.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Tony from Ocala, FL shared

    Your life has been an inspiration to me and I feel like I lost a family member. I only hope and pray that God gives me the strength to be a tenth of the man you were. I know you are at peace with your wife. My prayers go out to your family. Sincerely, Tony

  • On 6/08/2010

    Sarah Raskin from San Diego, CA shared

    My mom attended U.C.L.A. during the Wooden era and would often recount stories of Wooden's success as a coach, but more importantly as a great teacher. My father was a sports nut and from the time I was very little would tell me about Coach Wooden's Pyramid of Success and read me his many books including an original signed version of "They Call Me Coach." His legacy will live forever.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Ryan from Pittsburgh, PA shared

    John Wooden was such an inspiration to me. Not only was he an icon on the basketball court he was on off was well. I once read that he wrote his late wife a letter every year on their anniversary. This truly touched my heart. My thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Wooden family. He will be missed. God Bless. Ryan

  • On 6/08/2010

    Terry Barnard from Cambridge Ont. Canada shared

    To teach the way he taught took wisdom and a lot of courage. Just a wonderful gift to the world of sport and leadership. I wish I could have met him personally but our family has been blessed by his teachings. I read and continue to be inspired almost daily from reading his works and feel very honored to be able to apply his ways in today?s youth to hopefully strive to be the best they can be.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Mark from Allen, TX shared

    What a privilege to have had a great man with such simple but important values of life. I wish I could have met Coach, but I have enjoyed reading his books. I will pass his knowledge and pyramid of success on to my kids. God Bless John Wooden and Family. LOVE AND BALANCE

  • On 6/08/2010

    Tom McNevin from Anaheim, CA shared

    Thanks Coach wooden for all the great memories. I met Coach at a book signing 20 years ago, it was like talking to my grandfather. So long coach, you meant so much to a lot of us. You will be greatly missed.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Sam Shutt from Hendersonville, TN shared

    I have listened to the video and written tributes to Coach Wooden as well as the stories of him and the decisions he made. He was truly a humble and classy person. Wish we had more like him today. I am going to get the books he wrote and hose written about him to see what I might practice in my life to leave the world a better place like he has. May god bless his family!

  • On 6/08/2010

    Nobert Hopkins from Norfolk, VA shared

    One of the highlights of my 49 years of living was several years ago in Norfolk, Virginia at the MacDonald's All American High School Basketball Game (Allen Iverson and Brad Miller played in this) I had the privilege of shaking coach's hand. Their was no introduction or anything formal, just a handshake. That was an unforgettable moment in my life and one that I'll always cherish! Thanks coach for showing us how to make life a masterpiece!

  • On 6/08/2010

    G S White from Newark, NJ shared

    Simply...the BEST! You WILL be missed!

  • On 6/08/2010

    Jim Hickman from Macon, GA shared

    I have carried an article that was in a newspaper in WV since 1964. It was entitled Life Skills by John Wooden. I have made copies and given them to kids who I have taught in golf for the past 38 years as a PGA golf professional. This article is still in my wallet today.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Jonathan Weir from Los Angeles, CA shared

    Coach Wooden meant a great deal to my father. Due to his influence on my dad, I think of Coach daily. One of the memories that I have is with time. He signed a Pyramid for me to give to a friend. After doing so, we talked for hours. He asked me how I was doing. I expressed to him the effect that he has on my dad, and then his eyes teared. Witness of humility, selflessness and love through action.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Art from Santa Fe Springs, CA shared

    I had the privilege of watching the bruins since 64 and their first championship. He was always steady in what he did on the court, I heard he once said that he didn't coach during the game, that his team was prepared for anything during practice. I'm going to miss you coach.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Yilin Zhang from Hattiesburg, MS shared

    I never meet you, sir. But I have heard your stories, the encouraging stories, and will remember them forever. I will do like what you say, chasing for the peace of my mind humbly, gratefully, and relentlessly in every moment.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Mark E from Modesto, CA shared

    Thank you for all the you have done. You left this world a better place!

  • On 6/08/2010

    Chris Guzzetta from Corona, CA shared

    I never had the good fortune to meet the man. But I've studied his legacy and I know his character. I coach 10 and 12 year old Travel Baseball, and I bring quotes to every practice from great coaches of yesteryear and encourage my kids to study and learn them. The majority of the quotes I bring are from Coach Wooden. I hope that his legacy and values will be passed to a next generation of kids and athletes. He will be missed by those who knew him, but also by those who did not.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Jeff Guard from Washougal, WA shared

    I find it bitterly ironic that I just finished up a presentation for supervisors and managers on coaching, employee engagement and leadership that drew heavily from Coach Wooden. That was done 3 weeks ago ... I just updated it to add more "Woodenisms". Truly one of my remote mentors and life-coaches. I look forward to continuing following the path.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Eric Roberts from Decatur, GA shared

    To me Coach was a legend among legends.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Josh Fenn from Scottsdale, AZ shared

    I'm only in high school, but I thank you Mr. Wooden for all of your quotes and philosophy. Its really inspiring to me and I wish I had the chance to meet you.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Larry Uyeno from Los Angeles, CA shared

    When hearing about Coach Wooden passing, my eyes teared up like when my dad passed away. I was very lucky to attend a high school basketball camp that Coach taught. I was lucky again 30 years later when Coach Wooden was the surprise speaker at a corporate function. Seeing and meeting Coach Wooden was being with Albert Einstein and Da Vinci - Coach Wooden is a gift to humanity and we got to enjoy him for 99 years.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Steve Hopkins from Toronto, ON Canada shared

    I just wanted to thank you for the positive influence that you have given me through your teachings and I hope that I can also help many young people over the course of my life. The game in heaven just added the greatest coach here on earth and they are lucky to have you. Enjoy your next journey and I hope that you pop in from time to time to check in on us coaches.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Maria Moore from Lebec, CA shared

    My Dad was always a UCLA fan, me not so much. I was lucky enough to hear Coach Wooden speak at a corporate meeting I attended. His words of not only wisdom but encouragement and motivation have stayed with me all these years. All those who were lucky enough to have heard him speak or were coached or taught by him are truly blessed. There is a new angel in heaven!

  • On 6/08/2010

    Susan from Fort Collins, CO shared

    Coach will be missed but his messages will endure because his life was an example of truth and love...like he said...I'll be ringing a bell for him today, I'll be singing a song and I'll love...by giving it away...true love is enduring and his love will continue forward thru all of those whose life he touched.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Chris from Newport, OR shared

    I started coaching about 3 years ago and I've looked up to Coach Wooden not just those 3 years but my whole life. Being as young as I am, people might think I would have no Idea who coach Wooden was, but he has always been an inspiration to me not just in coaching but life! Thank you Coach Wooden for helping me find my way in coaching and life. There will NEVER be a better coach than you! R.I.P Coach!

  • On 6/08/2010

    Gary Fields from Vancouver, WA shared

    I was lucky to hear Coach Wooden at Evergreen High School back in the 80's. I shook this exceptional mans hand. It's a night I'll never forget. Rest Well Coach!!

  • On 6/08/2010

    Anthony Furlong from Dublin, Ireland shared

    As someone who has coached and aspires to make people the best they can be, I find the quotes and philosophy to be inspiring. One of the greats. RIP.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Jeremy Ledbetter from Raleigh, NC shared

    Thanks coach for inspiring all of us young coaches to be great leaders of men like yourself. I will always admire you and can only hope that the people and players that I come in contact with during my career will say half of the positive things that they say about you.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Jeff Anderson from Bloomington, IN shared

    The most inspiring leader to come from our great state. Thank you Mr. Wooden for having the courage to follow your dream. You are the ideal example of the American Dream.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Brian from Chicago, IL shared

    Your leadership is unparallelled, but even more, you have taught us how to live and more importantly how to love. You are an inspiration and an example to us all. Thank you and God bless.

  • On 6/08/2010

    Abe from Evanston, IL shared


  • On 6/08/2010

    Coach Lok from Covina, CA shared

    Coach, You once inscribed a book "Thanks for taking an interest in this coach" after a week of incessant questions. That interest left me with a lifetime of education and memories. Thank YOU

  • On 6/08/2010

    Ravi from Red Deer, Alberta, CA shared

    I wish I had the privilege to cross your path. Only now am I getting into your words of wisdom and the pyramid of success. I m glas for your books and the life you walked to remind us of true humility does equal our personal success. Thank you sir!

  • On 6/07/2010

    April from Chicago, IL shared

    Mr. Wooden - thank you for sharing your love of Nell. A romantic story for the ages.

  • On 6/07/2010

    Tom from Orlando, FL shared

    Coach Wooden thanks for doing it the right way. You're one of a kind.

  • On 6/07/2010

    UCLA Fan from Los Angeles, CA shared

    10 Championships in 12 years - the record will never be broken. Thank You!!!

  • On 6/07/2010

    JR from Memphis, TN shared

    Coach Wooden rocks. Now he's rocking Heaven! You did it your way!!

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