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2016 The McDonald's All American Games at Chicago's United Center

Congratulations to the 2016 McDonald’s All American Games MVPs: Frank Jackson and Josh Jackson (co-MVP’s), and Sabrina Ionescu! They join previous McDonald’s All American MVPs including Kevin Durant, LeBron James, Shaquille O’Neal, Jahlil Okafor, Skylar Diggans, Elizabether Williams and others.

Frank Jackson can score points in bunches with superb shot mechanics and unlimited range. As a combo guard, Jackson can also score off the dribble, creating his own shot with an impressive first step and a unique ability to get around defenders. Jackson’s high basketball IQ and court awareness make him an elite passer and game manager. College? Duke.

Josh Jackson is a proficient scorer whose great athleticism, arm length and explosive jumping ability allow him to impose himself on the action. Add to that his great rebounding, quickness and defensive skills and his presence is constantly felt during games. College? Kansas.

Sabrina Ionescu is a superb combination guard with great dribbling skills and a tremendous shooting range. She particularly excels in an up-tempo offense including the fast break. Sabrina is a dynamic leader on both ends of the floor and at times can simply take over a game, playing with great confidence and floor awareness. Sabrina is evaluating college choices including California and Oregon.

On behalf of Coach John Wooden, a founding member of the McDonald’s All American Games, congratulations to Frank, Josh, and Sabrina as well as all the McDonald’s All American boys and girls whose outstanding efforts on court and in class helped them achieve such success.

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